What to do!?

Well, I’m not sure this qualifies as a secret. But, maybe a confession.
My girlfriend is in a very stressful time right now, Between work and her grandfather being ill. I do all I can to help out and sometimes may cause a little more stress on her not knowing.
I did happen to catch myself in looking too far into the future of our relationship, seeing her more as a wife than a Girlfriend, I didn’t mean to do this. So intern, I was gettin onto her about things I didn’t need to be, adding more stress. she started shuting down a little, still I really didn’t know what was going on. I’d still come out to her and stay my days off work with her and help her with her work, she’s a kindergarten teacher. I work Security.
We are currently on a break, where I told her she needs to work on her physical communication with me. Call me more, have conversation with me, tell me how her grandfather is doing. Things to help her with everything. I love her so much and I know she loves me. My big concern right now is she won’t tell me she loves me, she says to protect me incase things don’t work out. It kills me to end a phone conversation and her say bye and no I love you.
What do I do!? I want her to tell me how she feels, I want things to be better. I can’t stand not talking to her. I am guessing the best thing to do is let everything be and let her do what she will.
Any assistance will help, I’m goin crazy. My appitite sucks right now, at first I couldn’t sleep then I slept ove ten hours. It’s been three full days and it seems to get better, but I can only tthink about her and wonder if she thinks about me. No rules were really set, Please help.

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