Happy Landlord

When I rented his house, he stated that he knew we would be like sister and brother. After 8 years, I moved away for a job.

A year later, I’m back, in a good job. He always fixed my car, helped with my son, and was the best friend, ever! My previous white lover passed away in the wilderness, from hypothermia, a year ago.

I’m 44, petite, from Barbados, he’s 64, and white, (but looks and acts 45!). His GF of 10 years has depression, and seems to have lost her love desire.

So, we are in love, meet twice a week in my apartment, for dinner, company, and fantastic love sessions, plus, go out together.

He is handsome, and treats me like his queen, always telling me great things that boost my self-esteem, and my ego.

I think we are both lucky in love, and this will last for a very long time! I
am thrilled to be so deeply loved, first, as his dear friend, and now, in

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