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jealous :/

I love me boyfriend. He shows it in his actions he does. Plays with my hands and hair. Kisses my forehead.. Stares into my eyes until he looks away, and he lets me be me. Whenever he sees this one girl he stops and goes talk to her leaving me alone or with another group [...]

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30 years of love

hi,imet my first man @ 17 years old ,we hadthe best wounderfall 3 years living together and deeply in love.then he ask me to marry him i side no ,because we where young .he walk out and left me.i became very mean lady towards men and not loved any body.27 years later he found me,i [...]

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Foreign love

I have been talking to this amazing guy over the internet. He lives in a different country to me, but I know that he is genuine. He has recently been dumped by his girl, and he still loves her. He has helped me through my break up, and I have come to love him. I [...]

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i am 17 year old girl..i am in love with a guy ..we became friends through fb and we had been friends for past 6 months he proposed me first i was regretting but now i felt the feeling ..i i just dont know whether i am in a attraction or love...but he is [...]

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i`m confuse

i`ve a goodfriend . a boy . he told me that he love me . but , he already had girlfriend , he also told me that he love his girlfriend . why should he able to love me and his girlfriend at the same time as his lover ?? or he just wanna `play' [...]

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Double Timing…

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 3 yrs now.. I came to usa 4 months back for my masters education.. here i met this new guy.. He had a crush on me..i liked him as a friend.. One day he kissed me. I kissed back..I felt really guilty about kissing [...]

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Beauty & The Geek

For the last little while, it seems like I’ve been falling in love for the wrong reasons. I came from two failed relationships, so I simply gave up and committed myself to a lifelong single life, until I met a computer geek. His name was Viktor, and at that time I was 22, he was [...]

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he was a dog..!!!

i was in a relationship with a guy since 1 and a half month.we were going great but yesterday i got to know about his second girl friend. i was all shattered.actually what happened was, he was a bit angry with me so yesterday he didn't talk to me much and in the evening when [...]

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I like a really cute guy who is in a different grade but same high school

There is this guy who happens to be older and he goes to the same high school as me, and he is cute, it doesn't matter about the looks, well only a little, which is not the point. i really don't know anything about him, he happens to be friends with my 2 friends from [...]

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my love

my love is very cute it has no words to say but how can i say my love to my lover in the class hours (Screen) Name: love with lover

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