he was a dog..!!!

i was in a relationship with a guy since 1 and a half month.we were going great but yesterday i got to know about his second girl friend. i was all shattered.actually what happened was, he was a bit angry with me so yesterday he didn’t talk to me much and in the evening when i called him up his girlfriend picked it up.in front of her he showed as if he doesn’t know me and later called me up and said he had to do so cause of a bet.!!then he deleted me from Facebook and from my account he deleted all our chats so that i don’t show them to his girl friend and then messaged me bye4ever i asked why but he said will tell you later.
and now i really don’t know what should i do..should i talk to him once or just let him go or should i make him realize what has he done to me.?

(Screen) Name: sim



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