good friend… love?

I’m in eighth grade and i THINK i’m in love with this senior. awkward, i know but… the feeling. The feeling is different from the other crushes i’ve had. Unlike those, I just want to hug him, tell him how I feel. He’s the only guy I can trust, not counting my family members. He is my best guy friend. Maybe even my best friend! He’s really nice. But we are really different from each other. He loves music. I… don’t like music that much. But we met in our school’s music club. 😮 And I love art. I know that music is a kind of art, but it just seems the opposite to me. Fine, I love music, but not playing it. My crush? He is a total music… nerd? may i say? Anyways, we have only 2 similarities. We both love video games and our grades are terrible. Mine aren’t as bad as his :p.
I really want to confess my “love” (not sure if i love him… or is it just lust?) to him before he graduates. Or at least get a hug. I wanted to get a dance with him during the valentines dance, but my friends were bothering me, so i didn’t. I danced with him 2 times. He is the first person I ever danced with, not counting my partner at ballroom dancing. Ever since that dance, I felt… for some reason, I love him. Maybe before that. I don’t know. But I still remember the date. The magical night.
Give me some advice how I could confess to him!! Please!! Or should I not confess?? I thought about having my friend tell him, and maybe he would tell me what he feels about me. But… i’m too shy. I can’t even ask my friend to help me. 🙁
please… help? super confused :'( is it supposed to be this weird? I watch skip-beat dramas to get me all excited.

(Screen) Name: pardirina

Got in trouble

Igot in a fight with my “best friend” last year in seventh grade. all because she was using her “powers” to make everybody do as she does. i got mad, ok, i hide my feelings usually. so, one day, i didn’t get my lunch, that day was my first day of my club meeting, so i was angry. Someone told me that the lunch was in the classroom already. Angrily, I ran up the stairs, met her on the way. She told me something, but i was angry so i didn’t hear anything. I didn’t even know that she was beside me. others say that she was telling me to wait for her to go to the meeting together. who cares. so anyways, i went down to the meeting myself. then she got all hurt and that stuff. she started whining to her mother, got me in trouble. he mother met me in school one day and she asked me what happened. OK. I DON’T KNOW!! I WAS MAD!! K?? So i just shrugged and said, “Dunno. Nothing. Sorry, bye.” and walked off to eat with my friends. So the next day she tells my mom that i made a face at her and had a horrible attitude. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THAT?? just walking innocently in the halls and she comes over to ruin my mood. So i got in trouble blah blah. Now we aren’t friends. Maybe enemies. So she didn’t have a lot of friends before she met me. All of my friends started knowing her afterwards. Became friends with her. Slowly, I realize, she is trying to ruin my life at school. What have I become? friendless. but why? she takes them away. bullies me. causing me to be left out. causing me to always be the one in trouble. i hate the life at school. until now, i find out. no one likes her. they all talk with her only because she forces them to. She told them i was a b*t*h. how they shouldn’t be friends with me. ????????? I actually accept their friendships!! Let my friends choose!! tell me. should i be selfish? should i accept the friendship? please!! help!!

(Screen) Name: pardirina

my (ex) gf wid another guy


I had a crush on a cute girl who also had a crush on me ,later she told me her mom heard about me and we had to stop the after about 8-9 months
she loves another guy and they decide to live together for the whole life but when i try to tell her about my love she said tht i never loved her.i then told her that i loved her more than anything and i remember how i stayd after class to talk to her and i turned around a million times to look at her, she dosent understand my love.please help i dont know wht to do.i cant live widout her.shall i suicide?if not please help!!

(Screen) Name: crucifix

I am confused weather i want him back or not.. HELP!

Hi… me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year and in the last few months i have been questioning my feelings towards him. I mean at start when we started going out everything was fine and i was totally in love with him but as time passed i started questioning weather i love him or not anymore. Things started getting a bit boring and i didnt know what my feelings were anymore.We dont really fight which is good but sometimes i think i need something more. At times he can be really jealous and i cant really hang around with my guy friends OR girl friends anymore because he wants to spend as much time as possible with me. Anyway.. i went in a vacation for 3 weeks with my family in Spain and i did not see him at all in those weeks and while i was there i was questioning weather i loved him or not and i tried to see if i will miss him. In those 3 weeks i did miss him but only a small bit and that made me think i dont love him and i started really thinking about it. By the way he is 18 and i am 16 so im thinking that maybe the age gap is something asweel. When i got back home from the vacation i decided to break up with him because i thought its the best for both of us. I didnt want to hurt him by staying with him longer and later telling him that i actually didnt love him. now its been 2 weeks since we broke up and i miss him alot but im still confused weather i want him or not. i have no clue what to do. i want him back but in the same time im afraid that after i will get back with him i will start questioning my love for him again and i dont want to go thru a break up again and hurt him again. help me please! i have no ideea what to do… 🙁

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Lost LOve

I cheated a year ago and lied about it. and continued to lie when asked. It came out in december and we started to rebuild in january i admited it when she found the truth. I just couldnt bear to tell her the whole of it. I left out why it started and when. it started a total of 4 weeks instead of one week. she forgave me we started the rebuilding the past & weeks have been amazing for both of us. now she found out the whole truth. and my one true love is lost. She is hurt betrayed and her walls are up. How can i start to regain her trust and try to win her back? that is the question please respond

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