good friend… love?

I’m in eighth grade and i THINK i’m in love with this senior. awkward, i know but… the feeling. The feeling is different from the other crushes i’ve had. Unlike those, I just want to hug him, tell him how I feel. He’s the only guy I can trust, not counting my family members. He is my best guy friend. Maybe even my best friend! He’s really nice. But we are really different from each other. He loves music. I… don’t like music that much. But we met in our school’s music club. 😮 And I love art. I know that music is a kind of art, but it just seems the opposite to me. Fine, I love music, but not playing it. My crush? He is a total music… nerd? may i say? Anyways, we have only 2 similarities. We both love video games and our grades are terrible. Mine aren’t as bad as his :p.
I really want to confess my “love” (not sure if i love him… or is it just lust?) to him before he graduates. Or at least get a hug. I wanted to get a dance with him during the valentines dance, but my friends were bothering me, so i didn’t. I danced with him 2 times. He is the first person I ever danced with, not counting my partner at ballroom dancing. Ever since that dance, I felt… for some reason, I love him. Maybe before that. I don’t know. But I still remember the date. The magical night.
Give me some advice how I could confess to him!! Please!! Or should I not confess?? I thought about having my friend tell him, and maybe he would tell me what he feels about me. But… i’m too shy. I can’t even ask my friend to help me. 🙁
please… help? super confused :'( is it supposed to be this weird? I watch skip-beat dramas to get me all excited.

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