i did longing for a true love for a very long time.I had a serious relationship when i was 18,we shared all for 8 years,help each other to achieve our dreams then someone came and he cheated me and left me behind and i almost lose my life and i cant move on..I had my classmate who’s courting me for 4 years and even i cant find the love i made my mind to try to be in a relationship again but still it didnt work,i know i am not ready thats why it end up this way. then after 2years i had a fling relationships till one day i slept with this guy,i only knew for a week and got pregnant..i thought it will be easier because i want to have a child even without a husband but lately i realized i love this man..because of unplanned pregnancy resposibility took place,and it seems he had so many girls,we planned to get married but when that day come,he told mehe is not ready…i got mad and out of that anger i threw words i know i made him hurt to…2 years had past still i cant forget him..and he,still try to communicate with me.but we were civil,i dont know if he love me the way i did..i discovered he has a son with his ex girlfriend.now he had an accident and told me now your happy what had happened to me, i answered i am not,id rather had bad times with you rather than losing you..i didnt direct him of my true feelings but rather i took the opportunity to say to him that i care.i told him his son is not a problem with me,and began to talk about his son with me unlike then,i am leaving the country for work and i told to leave our son to him, he asked me to come to their place with our son, before leaving the country to bring our son to their place..their place is very far from our place,i dont know how to react..what should i do?i love him but i am afraid to be hurt again..should i grab that opportunity to reconcile…

(Screen) Name: out of love



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