mutual attachment!! pls. give me advice 2 forget HIM!

hi!!.. 1 need some of your advice..
i fall in love in a guy through cellphone, (weird??)we communicating each other thru cp,and fb.. we plannd to meet this month.
his a childhoodfriend of my bestfriend.. we started exchange txt messages last jan.last week of that month(he said we had a mutual attch.)and i agree..
we getting closer to each other,we share alot of things in life, he is a kind of post.person, straight talker, typical frank! sometimes we had argue, cuz i felt insulted in some of his advices, for me he is so insensitive!
although i tried to understand him. cause i dont want to loss him.
the moment
that i been waiting for..hahaha
last feb.10 we officially bf\gf, we try the long distance relatinshp,
but after 4days we broke up exactly valentines day.. i know its all my fault no 3rd party involve, maybe i had an att.problem, i sed sorry and i swallow my pride for him..
i knew he felt my sincerity for saying it!!
we had no formal break up..altough his not saying his quit! i feel by his action,
i felt his avoiding me, he ddnt col/texts, i feel hurt! i want to talk to him but his far from me, his working in some place in cebu.
days,months pass..
i feel all alone,incomplete and empty, 2months after. i got only more or less 20txt mssgs from him! i tried to fade my feelings for him, but its really hard.
i longing for his presence, for his warm voiece, sweet txt, and everything in him ..
i really really miss him!!
wat shud i do? this is a time to give up?> how>? everynight i cry, reminiscing our past relationship!
i am a foolished one, im still assuming that one of this day he text or call me saying that he miss me too..and he want to see me personally!
do u think i need to assume?
or i need to move forward.. all i want his word and say he ddnt love or like me na!! afer that i can assure him , that im not inerfering him again!
pls !! help me!!! i need your advice!!

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