Cheating and now taking a break

Well me and my boyfriend now ex boyfreind have been dating for only three weeks. I really love him but the reason I love him is because he was always there for me when we were just great friends. Anywho I was on vacation for a week and while I was gone he went to a drinking party and he got drunk and kissed some other girl. He had the guts to tell me I was broken hearted to hear this. Then he broke up with me because he was protecting me from him and looking out for my safety. I miss him I love him still always will and I think he still loves me but I don’t know if I should give him another chance. It is almost are one month which is on Easter and all I want is to be with him he is the only guy I ever want to be with even though he cheated. PLEASE HELP!!!

(Screen) Name: Sammi boo