idk what to do

hi my name is cookie. well im sorta in love with two guys my ex and then my good friend lone wolf. ok about a mth or lil over i joined a dating site and i met this amazing guy my ex and we met one weekend and hes a marine and it was awsome we went to the beach he took me out out on my first date ever which most ppl would think would be crazy because im 19. we really had a lot of fun. well that weekedend he did ask me out and i told him i would get back with him because i had problems dating guys because ive always been treated bad but a couple days later he texted me and asked if i was ever gonna be his and i agreed only because i wanted to and he seems great. well i only get to see him on weekends and at first it was great other than he dont talk alot and last weekend he called me his ex gfs name and it really hurt me and he said he was really sorry and i tried to forgive him and then he was showing me pictures of him and her together and kissing and having fun and when ever hes here with me at my house or wherever we are hes always talking to some girl mainly his ex and i do get jealous. becuase i feel like he still wants her he has told me he was in love with me and one day he wasnts to marry me and have lil ones after he gets back from deployment and im willing to do what ever it takes i write him everyday and tell him how i feel and all i get is oh thats good and it hurts !!!! even when i tell him or text him he says oh thats cool and he constantly puts me in tears. this weekend we broke up because well we were having a bunch of fun and then we came back home i was talking to my mother and he laid down in my lap texting some other girl and then i hung up he dropped his phone and he started talking and he said ooh your vagina echos and im like ok ??? and he said well that must mean you have a big vagina and i started cying he said he was kidding and im like really ive been with three ppl my whole intire life and one we didnt go all the way i dont do that and it really hurt!!! and he kept asking hey you gonna break up with me like several times then im like fine since your begging then i will. now he starts crying and says he will prove to me he loves me but he cant even talk to me yes he did give me his favorite shirt and his dogg taggs its a big thing i guess for military ppl. now this whole time and before ive had a great friend lone wolf and hes been amazing and giving me advise and ust helping me he can have fun and make me laugh and make me feel beautiful and loved but like im confused bc i love my ex and i love my friend plz help??

(Screen) Name: cookiemonster

Fallin for a friend

I am a girl. Since I was in college, I met many friends that makes me feel comfortable everyday. But there’s someone whom created a special room in my heart, she is also a friend, she is ALSO a GIRL. Time passed by, we shared our deepest thoughts to each other, and that was make me feel special or important to her. I fell in love with her, and she didin’t notice me like that. I want to tell her about my feelings, i want her to know that i love her, but i’m just too shy and i don’t know why. I’m afraid to lose her if i’m going to tell her about this. What am I going to do?tell her that i love her?or i just keep it to myself in order to continue our strong friendship? Please help me..

(Screen) Name: Stella

I must confess to being a DIRTBAG to my mate

My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I am a total DIRTBAG. My mate’s gf started flirting with me because she got bored of him. She then dumped him for me. I was a little concerned but she wasn’t in the least. We tried to keep it a secret but we were outed. Now we get abuse on a daily basis. We have no friends and have embarrassed our families. This is down to us being self absorbed, without a care for others feelings. We’re not at all remorseful and even took pleasure in making light of the fact that we could go places with our mate and flirt behind his back; in fact we flirted in front of him but he was unaware. Even though we are totally in the wrong, we still carry on as if this type of behaviour is acceptable. We are both scum and have no conscience as we made a vulnerable person feel like sh!t and continue to do so today.

(Screen) Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Scariest Love

I have never been in love like this before. I have never had the ability to wake up every morning and realize that I could never feel this way about ANYONE else, even if I tried. My boyfriend is the best damn thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know how to tell him. He has made me the happiest person on the face of the earth. He has seen my best and my worst, and he loved me through everything. He makes me feel like there is nothing that will ever be able to stop me or hold me back. He makes me feel like I need to try harder for my personal well-being, not for anyone else. He makes me realize how much things have been hard, and helps me accept and move on. He shows me what it is like to truly love whole-heartedly. He shows me everyday how to be completely honest, open, and actually care about someone other than myself. The part that is the scariest, is the fact that I have never been able to feel this way about anyone. I am 22-years-old, and have been dating this guy for 1 year and 4 months. All I have ever wanted was some version of a fairy-tale that fit my lifestyle. He is my very own personal fairy-tale. He makes everyday seem like a dream. He makes me see that I have been in some very scary places and mind-frames and that this one is designed for me personally. He keeps me healthy, both mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when I was 18. It would have been sooner if I explained myself to anyone, but I didn’t. I kept it under the radar because I was afraid to admit it to myself. When he and I started dating, 8 minutes after my 21st birthday ended, he wasn’t running in the other direction. He wasn’t telling me I was crazy, like everyone else did. He accepted me for who I was, who I am. Recently that diagnosis was changed to ADHD, and he has stuck by me. On top of all of that, he has stuck by me while I was screaming at him, and saying all the things I have ever wanted to yell at someone else, and he kept telling me he loves me. Today I just had a really random and strange epiphany that it is true. He really does love me. The next thought was also very scary. I love him. I love this boy more than anything else in the world. Nothing can ever change that.

(Screen) Name: kdm1811