I must confess to being a DIRTBAG to my mate

My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxx and I am a total DIRTBAG. My mate’s gf started flirting with me because she got bored of him. She then dumped him for me. I was a little concerned but she wasn’t in the least. We tried to keep it a secret but we were outed. Now we get abuse on a daily basis. We have no friends and have embarrassed our families. This is down to us being self absorbed, without a care for others feelings. We’re not at all remorseful and even took pleasure in making light of the fact that we could go places with our mate and flirt behind his back; in fact we flirted in front of him but he was unaware. Even though we are totally in the wrong, we still carry on as if this type of behaviour is acceptable. We are both scum and have no conscience as we made a vulnerable person feel like sh!t and continue to do so today.

(Screen) Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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