confused on what to do next?

My name is Mimi. Ive been with my boyfriend for almost 4yrs now. We have been thru so much these last couple of yrs. I have been by his side thru his times of lows and highs. We took a yr break in which he fathered another child. At that time it broke my heart but I dealt with the situation and moved on. He showed me that he wanted things to work between us and moved out of state with me 5 months after I left. He was there for me when I had to have surgery to remove pre-cnacerous cells and was/has been supportive. My thing is that I want things to move forward and take things to the next level(engagement, marriage). But I feel as if sometimes hes only here because he doesnt have anywhere else to go. I deal with the attitude, mean comments and no expression of affection from him at all. I love this man and want things to work with him so bad. It has took for me to say Im done and show him that Im at my end for him to now “show” any emotion. I feel like its fake and hes doing it just because he thinks thats what I want. What do I do to make things work and to stop thinking of ending this relationship and tearing the lives of not only me but my daughters who know him as their father since their fathers arent around? Please help?

(Screen) Name: mimi214



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