In 1st Love

Am a boy from India, Am a student….I Love a girl, she is quite pretty. She is one of my Classmate’s Friend’s sister. First we became friends in Facebook. Then we used to talk and chat frequently. She never talked with me properly. Means, She used to give me one reply against ten. But, I never mind, because Am in love with Her. This continues for two months.. And yesterday, She talked with me in a proper way…and also called me like her dearest one. I was very happy. But, I came to know that someone else had already proposed her. Though, She didn’t say anything to him…She is happy and confused also. I don’t know what to do now. Where to go? The only thing I know that, I want to see Her happy. Want to see Her smiling, I Love Her smile. No matter what happens, I will never able to stop Loving Her. And guys..if you Love someone Just say it…

(Screen) Name: Diehard



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