In love with subordinate

Mr. X and I are had previous relationship but we decided to part. He is my subordinate. We parted because he was in love with somebody else ( Ms. L). Eventually Mr X and Ms L parted too. I, on the other hand, got married to Mr. Y. who works abroad. He is always away all year round. Since Mr. X and I are in one company, and we see each other every day, my feeling for him grew more and more each day. I may have been married but I still love Mr. X. Now, Mr X got involved by Ms E whom also is an office mate. Every time I hear about them, my heart is aching. It really hurts me seeing them together. I am the boss of Mr X. Should I ask him to just resign for the goodness of both of us. I cant move on while we we are seeing each other every day. Or should I resign? IU am married but I dont love my husband as much as I love my subordinate. Please help

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