I’m in love with two guys!!

Okay, I love two guys. The first guy, I go to work with and he’s really fun and amazing and before summer, he told me he loved me back after I wrote him a letter. Then his best friend pulled a mean prank by pretending to be the guy who I love and saying that he loves me and wants to go on a date with me, and at the end he put ‘Just Kidding’ and it hurt alot. And then the other guy is my neighbor and we’ve been friends for years and I love him alot, but I don’t know if he loves me back! We have had a few moments at his house but something always ruined them. I need help!

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well my current boyfriend has been going back and forth with me and his ex and its really having me think if i am just his rebound girl. i resently found out that he has been texting his ex girlfriend frequently and has been telling her things that he has never once told me. Once i confronted him about him he said she was a mistake and he has not talked to her since their break up then i sooned found out he was lieing. like i would of been like its ok just dont let it happen again but instead he lied so that makes me think is he doing the same thing still or is he telling the truth i want to believe him but i dont know if i can ever bring myself to trust him again. And i feel bad because he tries his hardest to earn my trust back but i dont think i would ever bring myself to ever believe him again. Am i doing the right thing? should i stay or should i go? I know only i have the key to my future and everything but i dont want to make the wrong choice and regret it for the rest of my life! i think i am done with all this pain.

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letting go is not easy

hi, i am in a serious relationship for merely seven years now. we are happy but our situation was never normal im filipina and his indian im catholic and his muslim to cut the story short his family will never ever accept me. bottom line was we handle it but we had a huge fight and then he suddenly went to his country get engage and married when he came back i begged to reconcile and so do he. so we are together again and even if its killing me i am still with him it hurts to know that he is already married but i cannot let go i asked him to let go of me because i know it will be easier for me if it will come from him but he also cannot. but every single day i am hurt knowing he is sleeping with his so called wife. he dont love the girl he did it for his family and because we had a fight and it was too late and cannot back out with the wedding anymore since the girl parents are powerful back home to their country. i wan to let go because it really pains me a lot. its killing me. but im afraid to lose him i just cant now now and not never i dont know its sad.

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Behind the smile, there is an aching heart. Behind the laugh, she is falling apart.

My ex boyfriend and I broke up almost 2 years ago. We are each other first love.He was the first guy I opened myself to. I trusted him and in the end I fell in love with him.We were together for almost a year.It was a horrible break up and it took me a year of tears and yelling to learn to live without him. Despite the emotional torture I vented out on him, he was the perfect gentleman and stayed out with me till the end. It was the darkest period in my life. I cried myself to sleep everyday and I am ashamed to say that I even had suicidal thoughts as the pain was so intense I just wanted to end it. In the one year, I learned that he actually got into a relationship with another girl after 2 months we broke up. He hid it from me and lied to me with the excuse that I will not be able to handle it.We went our separate ways eventually and did not contact each other.
I am not exactly an ugly girl, I have a fair share of admirers. But till this very day, I have not dated anyone. I am not studying locally and I busied myself with other stuffs. I thought that I have been learning to move on and let go of my past, but I’ve come to realize that my past still haunts me greatly, when I come back home during semester break.
The pain I feel, after 2 years is still similar to the one I felt 2 years back. I look around at others and I wondered the same question to myself over and over again, why did other people’s boyfriend stayed with them without giving up while mine gave up on me? I have this urge to ask him if he is as haunted as me and did he have any regrets.
My hometown is not a very big place and surprisingly, I thank my lucky stars that we did not bump into each other. We have mutual friends too. Whenever I hang out with those mutual friends and they start talking about my ex, I do not know where to look or what to say without looking stupid. I am friends with his best friends too and just talking to them, it aches me.
I’ve changed greatly. The break up taught me that I am so afraid that the people I love will leave me. It taught me how scary when you hand out your heart and in return you have it smashed and return back to you.
I realize how afraid I am to being hurt again that I can no longer open up to anyone. I hold back a lot. But I cannot say I hide it well as some people see right through me.
Is it true that there is a solution to everything? What is the medicine for a broken heart? If it’s time, how long?
I thought I have stopped shedding tears for him. I have been so wrong.
My heart is aching so badly and I don’t know what to do.
I wish I have never met him. My heart is a broken and scarred heart.
It feels wrong to talk about it to others. I do not want to be pathetic.

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I am a man . I had crush on a girl for 2 years now .. She is a beautiful girl . We became friend last year and that would be a credit to me. We talk as a friend for a months .. Last year , I confessed all my love to her .. But she rejected me .. It is all about the religion .. We cant love each other. She can’t love me because of her religion . I want to forget her but it is such a difficult task to do .. I am really in love with her .. She is my second love and she was the best love i had ever found .. What should i do ?

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Confused relationship with ex.

I’m stuck in a real complicated situation and need some genuine advice.im 29 years old female from india.in 2008 I met a man who approached me and I fell in love with him.he was my first boyfriend ever and I truly loved him at that point beyond any explanation.i thought life without him would be worth not living and couldn’t imagine myself living with out him at that point.anyway I was his 3rd gf and he had had other flings besides those 3 relationships also but for me he was my first boyfriend i never even had a fling before tht.anyway my parents and my siblings knew his family and the guy as we live In s small town in India and everyone knows off each other they warned me against him and his family tht I shouldn’t get involved with him and tht his family doesn’t have a good reputation.i ignored everyone cuz I was. In love.later ths guys own first cousin who also knew my best friend told my best friend to tell me tht ths guys family is sper strange and this guy is also really weird and tell ur find to get out of ths mess.i ignored all tht too .eventually him and I had a fall out cuz he kinda cheated on me by proposing to my sister s best friend while still with me but ths happened when we were still gettin to low each other and had just been together for 2 months I fought with him over tht stopped trusting him but it was hard for me to get over him as I loved him too much so I still stayed with him.eventually now we had been together for 2 yrs had some falls outs but despite everything were still together.then I started figuring out tht he has lied to me lot about random money stuff in this relation.like he’d lie to me tht he’s traveling all over Ther world when was wasn’t just so I think tht he’s doing well in life and has money to travel like he was portraying me the image.i come from a well off family and my parents have given me a good life tht I didn’t see him providing me which is why I would tell him at times tht u have to work hard snuff to support me or else my parents won’t let me marry someone who can’t support my lifestyle.instead of being honest and tellin me he started lying to me about the money he earned and faked travels and shopping so he cold impress me.anyway around tht time officially to the world we had broken up but we would still talk on the pone all the time but never met even thu we lived 5 min away from each other.i didn’t want the world to thnk I was still with him despite everything he had done to me ,I was embarrassed to face the world about him cuz he hadnt been so honest to me aout things like money also and somehow trapped me in but saying I’m bitchyand materialistic and rude so I felt bad and would end up being with him but I told him clearly tht to the world we have broken up so he can’t tell anyone we still talk.i guess I knew he’s. It good for my future but I was soo attached to him tht it was hard Leaving him so I secretly kept talking to him.now the deal is tht for my future marriage wise I know I don’t want to marry him cuz he is not good for my future and the past we’ve had I can’t trust him but I still talk to him day in day out and we still meet secretly and make out also we haven’t had sex but thts about it we’ve made out every way possible than full sex.my friends and family don’t even know we talk and they think I’m single which I am cuz I don’t see myself marrying him but I find it hard not talking to him cuz he’s been such a big part of my life for 4 yrs now.i keep telling myself when I find another guy I’ll leave him but them one part of me feels like a slut tht if I know I won’t marry him why do I make out with him.im very very confused as of wht to do?plz help.also very recently like 2 weeks back I told my friends tht him and I are just friends and we never had a bad breakup so if I see him somewhere I’ll meet him nicely where the fact is that I talk to him all the time as if he’s my boyfriend and we make out secretly but I know I will not end up marrying him.does ths make me a slut?ive never had a boyfriend besides him and I m not the kinda girl to make out with any guy,ths is the by guy I’ve ever made out with and the fact tht I know I won’t marry him and I’ve told the world and my friends we are just friends where in real we talk on the phone alll the time and make out.i don’t know wht to do now????im 29 yrs old and he’s 35 .its not like we r teenagers.plz help

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