Im inlove !

My friends call me Sha2x, im first year college and i met this guy in our school! he is my classmate! first i didn’t like him! its just like he is so much arrogant but later on i see his another side of attitude. He is caring, and talented.But i found out he lives together with a gay. But my feeling for him doesn’t fade. 2 days before my birthday when i decided to get a sign from God, and that sign is “if he can go together with us for a little bonding i will accept who is really him, accept all his past and show him what is really love.” And it was my birthday, im so glad that he came. Even though it’s not easy that we are together but i always remind myself that i will always understand him and that’s a promise ! Also i never want to expect that he will love me also the way i love him, all i want is to prove that im always here to love him, and make him feel so special!

(Screen) Name: esha

Okay hi there my name is well cant tell you yet . Okay well there is a kid in my class name Caden Lowe and i think he likes me I’m not sure. I need to find out.I also think that he might ask me out. But i just like him back i don’t know what to do at this time. If you can give me some Advice i would appreciated thank – you

(Screen) Name: MollyandMeep

the wall

so here’s the deal, i have a boyfriend we’ve been together for almost 3 years in june so it’s been 2 1/2 years. It’s not that i don’t love him but i need someone to talk to about his. But in 2007 i met this guy we’ll say his name was kc. we’d fight a lot, sometime nothing major it would be over something like hiding his possessions. He never really knew why i did it, sometimes to get his attention other times because i just wanted to have a little fun. it wasn’t till we had a big fight that i began to realize that i loved him. im a stubborn person most of the time i dont like to admit things. after about 4 years i started talking to him again, knowing hes married. we’ve said some things but there’s nobody like him. as i said it’s not like i don’t love who im with his names ken, i love him with everything in me. but i sometimes don’t know where or what i should do. i can very firmly about kc even though we have not been together since sept.2007 that the love i thought would go away hasn’t i can’t make him choose, it wouldn’t be fair but he also cant make me. it’s like something that haunts you because you’ve done the wrong thing well, he haunts my dreams, when i dream i have dreams about him, about other people too. i think one of my biggest fears why i dont say everything that i want to like how i didnt want to leave or i dont always say what’s on my mind is because of how others will precieve it. i feel like no matter what i do i cant win.

(Screen) Name: junks1988

Always In Between

My feelings are unstable.Last june 2011, I’ve met #1 and #2 (in different situations). #1 was the first one unto which i felt LOVE. He was good, funny, handsome , I love him and I can feel his love for me too. Then, there came a time that my family’s status went down, and so I met #2. At first, he was just plainly “my friend with benefits”. Then, it came to the point that he was so good to me and kind and loving and caring and i did learn to love him. Even though i have this feeling, i didn’t dare to confess it to him because, at first, I barely knew that he was married and I still have love for #1. As time goes by, my relationship with #1 was doing great and so as my friendship with #2. There came to the point that #1 impregnated me. I wasn’t ready for the situation so i decided to have abortion. I know it was the biggest sin I’ve committed and up to now, I’am kneeling down to our most loving Father for forgiveness. #1 and I didn’t know how to pay our hospital bills since we kept everything secret to our family. So I asked #2 to help me in a way that others wouldn’t know in order to settle with everything, and so he did. He gave me the cash and left. On my 4th night at the hospital, I did not expect #2 came rushing at the door. I’ve seen tears on the sides of his eyes. The sight of his eyes scared me out of my wits. He looked for my bag and took the money with him. And that night, #2 confessed to #1 everything about us. On that night, my affair with #1 was over. It was very painful. I didn’t know what to do,what to say and what to feel. Everything began to swim before my eyes. #1 leave me in the lurch. Even though we’ve came to that worst situation, #2 was still willing to help me, accept me and forgive me. And because of that, I felt his love and care. Nowadays, we are enjoying one’s company and in every sunrise and dawn that we are together my love for him grew stronger and deeper.Even though he makes me feel that he loves me, I still have this feeling of doubts. I don’t know if I should believe on whatever he says, since he and his wife are still okay. And he frankly told me yesternight that we should always keep our relationship secret to the public. I felt anxious. So much for my likeness to do what is right, I can’t leave him since my emotional attachment with him is so intense. I don’t know what to do with my feelings. I’am so confused in everything he does.HELP ME PLEASE !

(Screen) Name: The Mistress

I tried but it didn’t worked!

I had my relationship for almost 3 years and suddenly, it was broke that made us to separate our ways. The saddest part of the ending of our relationship is I’m a gay, she knew that and i told her about my sexuality. I tried to save our relationship because to be honest, I love her, I love her kindness, I love her understandable, I love her as my girl but I cant lie to her and to my self because I love her as a friend and a little sister. I knew, I am not a good man for her, I’m guilty for what happened and until now she loves me and still texting and message me. I just wanted to be honest to her. I am not the right person, a real man for her. Do I need to working out this relationship or not? I hope you can help me to have a good decisions in terms of my problem.

(Screen) Name: Marky