Badly love with one girl

hii..This is shubham. i am here to confess and want to sort out my problem.i live in bhagalpur,india .IN mid december 2009 I met a a girl who lives in bangalore and she came bhagalpur in grandfather house where i fall in love. slowly i and she started talking and phone…We used to write i love you..but she never commited thai she loves with me..Days goes on and i went outside for further studies and she also become busy..and now she becomes so busy that she wanna dont talk to me…we were not met till now after 2009 i become very frustrated…and i could not forget also though i wanna to forget het…because is hampering my studies ..but i always feel that someday she will come .i dont know what to do..i need a solution…

(Screen) Name: Shubham



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