Well i have been with my partner for 4 an half years and about a month ago he told me he didnt love me no more and he wanted to break up  but typical girl i begged him back that i will change and i thought it was all my fault but it was nothing till do with me but from that has happend i cant trust him cause i dunno when he is gunna say it again its just to much stress to handle cause im only 18 im not happy anymore and im crying everyday and i told him i need a break from it all but its just so difficult cause ive started talking to this other bloke and i really like him its just soo confusing and i would appriciate any help wot so ever cause i just feel like im gunna explode with all this stress.

Eye For An Eye

Long story short been with guy for 14 yrs.Two kids,good jobs,homeowners,etc.Finally he proposes after all this time.He had been cheating prior to the engagment I knew but was willing to save my family so I  accepted the proposal.Shortly after that he leaves for an trip and accidently left an old cell phone.So I looked in the phone and my surprise he had been still communicating with this woman.Not just that but sexually as well he even used those three words oh yeah  i love you in texts.Woww so I forgave him and accepted him back then he tells me he moving out,wtf r u serious after we get engage you move out but still says he want s

Is he punishing me

I was terrible a few years back, stole from parents, drank, drugs, stole cars, cheated on every girlfriend and screwed over everyone I could. But I never got caught got a good job straight from college got things together then we broke up. I miss you so much it hurts. We were happy and I cherished every minute with you but you had to move. Got a new bf quickly and you seem happier which kills me to my core. Im walking around in a haze all the time and it’s been nearly a year. I always thought I was the luckiest man in the world to have you, I always thought you were way outta my league and I did everything to make you happy but you never settled. I created a rift after we broke up because I couldn’t bear to talk to you and still can’t because I’m so hopelessly in love but I miss you so much. There isn’t one single day I don’t think of you and in a way resent your happiness because it drives you further away from me. I’m drinking too much and it seems to be the only place I can find relief. I dread the thought of sleep because you are the last thing I will think about. Is there a god after all and is he punishing me for my past?

(Screen) Name: tj

Should I go for it?

well wen Istarted hanging out with this guy he said he doesnt want a girlfriend but now we have kinda been acting like boyfriend and girlfriend (no kissing or anything like that though) and i dont know if he wants a girlfriend now but I want to start dating him but Idont want to ask him out cause I dont want to ruin wat we have but people keep on asking me if were dating or telling me that we would make a cute couple and it sucks cause I want to ask him out but I am scared I will lose a friend a long with a boyfriend is I do. Its kinda like one of those situations wen it hurts to be with him but hurts even more to be away from him so my question is should I ask him out or wait to see what happens?

i love him

i love my cousin . . but i really dont know that he likes me or not . . .i really want to know that . .i never told him dat i like or love u . .  . i cant even xpress my feeling over here . . my words are lost . .

as i mentioned that we r cousin . . and there are sooo many special moments that i never forget . .we never say hi to eachother inshort we nerver talked . . when he comes in front of me i cant even speak , when he suddenly comes in a room where i am sitting and talking to his family i suddenly stop talking . . when he is around me, my heartbeat runs fast .  . i really want to ignore him but i cant . . .

the truth

so its been driving me insane for the past few months, and finally i think things are starting to fall into place. Im starting to feel like im where i belong! I think he is going to end up leaving her…everyone sees it….even his own mother, crazy huh? I know he wants to be with me, im so excited and nothing has even happened yet! All I know is that I cant wait for the day im allowed to touch him!! Im gonna wrap him in my arms, and kiss him from his neck to his belly, and love it the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Screen) Name: mz_jayded

Desperately madly in love….with no options

I am in love with my coworker.I am divorced thrice due to pure ill fate.and i have a daughter too.But I own a romantic heart.I have never thought I will meet my dream man,And there he is…He has all the interests of me.he thinks like me…he loved to talk endlessly with me.we were literally pulled together…It was a kind of mental attraction and closeness at first.Then I could not wait for even one day without seeing him..The problem is that…he is married.So there I am..I knew all these..I didn’t want to fall in love..I thought..I am never going to trust guys…or love them..And I was morally so against adultery…But  I couldn’t help falling in deep attraction to him.I tried to think about this as infatuation.I thought this will end soon.But it didn’t.I yearn for his love and caresses and physical affection too.He has not tried to exploit my situation…or lead me to sex..It was me who demanded his kiss one day..and I know he likes me..but not sure whether he loves me enough…he has a wife..he knows that I need a husband..he has never said ” I love you “to me.we never had sex in the true sense.he has touched me a few times …that’s all..I cry a lot…when I am with him I am the happiest girl in this world..I don’t know..whether to leave..or proceed..He urges me to find someone and marry.But I know…nobody in this world…more matching than my man…Even though he hasn’t said anything..I know that he loves his wife and child.I don’t want to ruin his family..I don’t want to destroy his life.But I need him to live..I need his love..Or I perish..

my love for u is real,,,,

my life is blissed…i found a man for me…

when he look at me..i feel melting like an ice cream..

i see his eyes telling me the real meaning of love…

LOVE means a lot for me..

it moves in mysterious ways..when love appears over the horizon..

i Love you…its always so surprising..

From the rest of my days…i feel like mystery..


whod have thought this is how the pieces fit…

You and i shouldn’t even try making sense of it..

i forgot how we ever came this far..

Like the ticking of the clock that beat as one,.,

i never understand the way its done..