Distant love

Dear friends
I’m 15 years old boy, studying in high school. I’m in love with a girl. I saw her photo 1st time on 4 December 2014 and i juts fell for her. I couldn’t imagine that i will start loving her so much. She is my relative but lives abroad so i had never talked to her till 12 August 2015 ,it was when she visited India For Holidays! I saw her at the last moment when she was going back to Doha. I wanted to say her everything but couldn’t said because she was ignoring me all the time. But once she smiled looking into my eyes, which gives me a reason to love her more.
Now I’m dying every single moment to talk to her anyway but i can’t call or anythjng. Since last two nights I’m having her dream in which she is saying that she loves me and you should move ahead otherwise you’ll never get me! I’m shocked that i have dream of this type. I’m afraid of losing her yes i know she isn’t mine! And yes when she came to my house i made her feel that i love her! So maybe, she knows a little bit.
What should i do?
I’m confused!
Why she is coming in my dreams?
Please suggest me something which can help me and can save from being mentally destroyed!



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