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Made A Mistake In Love & now suffering

I was in 18 , 12th class,  Smart , studious , Cricket Team captain , well behaved , Joyfull guy . I had no. of female friends , I got attracted to a girl named Geetima , she was Beautifull , studious , her smile always mesmerised me , I use to look at her [...]

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My first love

It all started when all the girls in my class were gathered around the 'player' in our grade. We were all literally around him and we were asking him who he likes because it was a certain that he really likes someone among us. We were all saying each others' name and he'd say no [...]

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My crush for neighbour women

i am a guy of 24 years, i am having crush on my neighbour who is married but not satisfies with her husband..... one day i was peeping from my window into her bedroom... i saw her half nude my dick got fully erect and i started jerking seeing her half nude body actually she [...]

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