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i have confessed now i am free and wont commit this thing of liking someone or a thing which is not yours'.

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feeling bad

i have seen my friends breaking up..i never talked about this issue with the boy but the girl is really upset and she is my bestfriend and shares everything with me .she never lost her hope that would patch up sometime later but its of no use now. i hope the boy understands this and [...]

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can you hear me

i like you roll 64 ...i want to shout this to my heart's content .i don' t know if you are aware of this or not...i mean about my feelings but still.!!! still a year after passing out from the college i can' t get over it not being able to vapourize it from my [...]

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Is dis love or attraction

i dont know how it started bt yes it did...!! i fear to confess it to you for two reasons for u rejecting me either or i ll be breaking ur heart at a point when i could no longer go against my dad whom i love equally .during college days it may be our [...]

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