feeling bad

i have seen my friends breaking up..i never talked about this issue with the boy but the girl is really upset and she is my bestfriend and shares everything with me .she never lost her hope that would patch up sometime later but its of no use now. i hope the boy understands this and unites together.i will be the most happy person in my life.

can you hear me

i like you roll 64 …i want to shout this to my heart’s content .i don’ t know if you are aware of this or not…i mean about my feelings but still.!!! still a year after passing out from the college i can’ t get over it not being able to vapourize it from my heart not only heart but from whole myself..i know there is no future for us and for god’s sake i just can be your partner just for few days or years .i always have a wish that if i commit to someone then i would commit for a life time.wish atleast i could just spit my feelings to you just once and i would feel like a Cotton.. bearing this pain for almost more than 5 years i feel as if i swallowed a heavy iron.i may be or lets say i am a dumb ass to spoil myself for being tight lipped. just for once in my dreamland can you just say you love me too or even miss me would be enough!!! i only know one thing that you dont like me just respect me as a friend.. no extra feelings apart this.i would never impose neither my feelings nor me upon you.i love or whatever you say ok ok ok like you always.

Is dis love or attraction

i dont know how it started bt yes it did…!! i fear to confess it to you for two reasons for u rejecting me either or i ll be breaking ur heart at a point when i could no longer go against my dad whom i love equally .during college days it may be our friends who use to pull our legs about each other…bt yes suddenly my heart made to a point where i secretly started admiring u ,waiting for the sun to rise so i could meet u nxt day in class if was a holiday i wld prompt my close friend to come to the market along wd me so that her bf could come for her though dragging u along with him…eagerly waited for festivals just to allow ur friends make a deliberate wrong call so dat we cld talk …they wld make u drink a little as it trnd my secret benifit coz nrmly u shyd off tlkng to me and i hated that .everybody except u cld see the glow n blush my face beared while we mistakenly had ny conversations..i lykd u to come and ask mesmethng anythng atlest relatd abt studies…buttrflies jumped n danced when it was ur brthdy…i wld willingly wait for me to make a call at 12 midnight ni secrtly made a wsh for ur long life n hapiness…and me waiting for my bday so if nt u ur frnds wld make d frst cal on bhlf of u..frnds mockng us n letting knw d whole cmps on sprts day though me crushng hard my desire to shout out loud yes its true atlst from my side…..going out with my frnds reqstng n pleading them to brng u n othr boys along..i wld always wait for a chance to just bump into u darling..d was d best moment for me invtng u for my bday treat ,dancing and frnds pushng me onto u in d bus at picnic final year …let me tell u a secrt it was my plan so dat i cld hug once in my lifetym ,holding ur hands wld warm n secure me for lifetym n i wld thank that drunkard friend who forced u to hold my hand n dance with me nonstop for half n hour ..i thght what if we cld not spend our future togethr at least for my sake wld confess my feelings to you see ended up confessng here as u were my first love..still its been a year we left clg n movd on in our rspctve lives i cld tell such a small thng to u ….fearng loosng u as a frnd at least..as i lft clg stoppd thnkng abt u..thought it was jst infatuation bt realisd it to be love until i met u again…for i pleaded god to nvr let it happen aftr clg knwing i wld nt be abl to cntrl myslf on ur mere sight..it was while leavng station wd my dad my steps started feeling heavy n my heart bleading..every step i took away from u felt light years..i cried to my hearts content on my seat berth knowing publicly no body wld neithr rcognise me n my feelings wld gt dsprsd amng d crowd…
from first tym i saw u till today i missd u always n like you a lot infact bt i hope to meet someone who wld fill d void creatd by my mistake…hope we meet where theres no boundary for anyone..i wld nvr blame u for my feelings my pain my foolishness my choice to love or like you..