Purged Too Many Times

Like many I began wearing my sister’s panties and slips when I was 10 or 11.  Through out my life and kept dressing trying more things such as bras, skirts, blouses etc.  But I have tried to stop and on at least 3 occasions ave purged my clothes.  So mad about that as I have some really lovely and sexy things.  Now that I am in my 50s I have come to realize that I do really enjoy it and am accepting and embracing even more.

Made A Mistake In Love & now suffering

I was in 18 , 12th class,  Smart , studious , Cricket Team captain , well behaved , Joyfull guy . I had no. of female friends , I got attracted to a girl named Geetima , she was Beautifull , studious , her smile always mesmerised me , I use to look at her turning back in the class , she was in a group of 5 girls , they use to stay together all the time , during class sessions , in break . Most of the time what use to happen was , I use to see Geetima and some other girl in her group use to watch me and start smiling and use to think like I am looking at her and not Geetima . Geetima had a friend named Shiksha , they were besties  they both use to stay together . And whenever I use to see Geetima , it seemed to evryone like I am staring at shiksha , but I liked Geetima , I was just meamerised by her , I liked her voice , her Eyes were like an addictive drug and the time when she use to give me a smile , I use to feel like today is going to be a best day . She somewhere knew that I like her ,even if a doubt though , but she use to catch me most of the time whenever I  use to secretly look at her .

On ther hand evryone in the class started thinking that I stare At shiksha and that I like her , but I didn’t , she was a Preety girl , sweet too but I never thght anything about her in that sense .

What happend is evryone starting pulling my leg that we know you like her(shiksha) , but I didn’t like her in that way , I use to like Geetima and loved to see her smile . Evryone kept on teasing me and shiksha by each other’s name , shiksha liked me I knew that , but I couldn’t tell anyone of them that I liked Geetima , now today I feel how dumb I was to shy to tell that I like Geetima and not Shiksha . anyhow , back to the story in the end what happend was I started blvng like yes I think I like shiksha . But the truth was I just liked the thought that I am going to have a girl frnd and shiksha is ready to be my gf , I have to just purpose her and I ll be boy with a gf .

I purposed her and she accepted , evrything was good till frst 3 months or so & then we started fighting with each other on each and evry thing , she use to scream at me and I use to avoid her calls then , she started keeping thi kha from me , our arguements started turning into fights , at last I took the innitiative to take the blame and break up with her , she cried a lot , a lot , she loved me , but I was a pretty sure that I am not going to drop this decision of break up , she tried a lot-a lot to stop me but I didn’t .

She cried a lot , I use to feel  terrible when lookin. At her crying for me , begging me not to go , but I was a dumb asshole , I didn’t agree , and I was so disturbed by that relationship that although I knew how it felt like when someone breaks up with you , that time itself I started feeling the guilt that I am making her suffer a lot but still I didn’t even say once that “okk I ll not go. , we ll not break up” after few months of breakup she started recovering , I use to appologise her her all the time for the pain that I have her , but at the same time I didn’t wanted to live with her , I cared about her , but I didn’t wanted to be her BF . I kept on appologising to her for 4 years , sorry shiksha for the pain I gave to you & she use to say all the time it’s okk I have forgiven you ,still I didn’t felt satisfied by Myslef , after 4 years she started bitching about me , that’s when I realised that yes she has atlast moved on .

Today it has been 5 years since we broke out with each other , & still today the worst mistake that I made in my life was giving Shiksha That Pain.!! I still feel I shouldn’t have played with her feelings when I was not sure of mine .

Consequences of the mistake I made Are.. 1.) Shiksha had to ho though such intense pain , 2.) Although I still dnt love her but I am still in regret of giving her the pain that I might have not given her if I would have realised that if shiksha likes me I should not jump onto the opportunity without even considering the future aspect . 3.) I could never go back to Geetima to tell her that Geetima I like you , give me a chance and I ll prove to you that I am not a cheater . Geetima is still frnds to shiksha , and from the day I broke out with Shiksha , I have never been able to look into the eyes of Geetima , those pretty eyes which Used to mesmerise me evry time I looked at her .

I met Geetima afyer 4 years today in Chandigarh . And all I could do was look onto her eyes and when she turned her face towards me I started  acting like I am talking to someone else .

I wish I could just tell her that I am not the guy that she thinks I am , I made a mistake , I mistakingly hurted Shiksha , I didn’t cheat on her , I didn’t two time , I am myself feeling the regret , I am Myslef appologising to your friend Ahiksha from the past 5 years atleast ask her if you dnt believe me . If I  can’t be her(Geetima)partner , then atleast try to understand that I am not the devil kind of a guy ,as u think Geeti..a .

Anyways , I hope who ever reads my story , will atleast learn something from my MISTAKE.!!

My first love

It all started when all the girls in my class were gathered around the ‘player‘ in our grade. We were all literally around him and we were asking him who he likes because it was a certain that he really likes someone among us.

We were all saying each others’ name and he’d say no to every single one of them. Then came mine. When my name was called out, he looked at me in the eyes and didn’t say a word. Everyone caught onto that apparently because even the class president decided to make us an official couple.

As i was young and naive, i just like him because, well, he’s hot.

But what i realised as i got to know him a lot better that he was never  a player, i was his second girlfriend. and he was a lot more kinder than everyone thought he was. N0t just that, he’s very loyal and he’d get jealous and mad whenever i hung out with guys and i’d cheer him up saying that i only love him.

In class, he sits in front of me so we’d hold hands secretly. We’d argue so often and would make up like nothing happened. We’d hide at the back of the class room and he’d sneak a cheek kiss and thats when i tell myself ‘wow, i’m in love with this guy

Of course every relationship have its ups and downs, we’d fight and make up but after high school we went to different colleges and it was weird. We tried to the very end to make the long distance relationship work. Well at least he thinks he tried.

The college i went to, a few of his friends also go there so i expect him to ask them about me. So as i was walking back to the dorm with a guy friend talking about a tv show we both loved, i thought about how his friends might see me with this guy and get the wrong idea so when i got home, i texted him saying i was walking to the dorm with a guy friend. Guess he couldn’t take it anymore and he said ‘ you like him, don’t you? that’s why you’re telling me this’

I tried. I tried to explain, but before i did he said ‘ let’s break up, i can’t take this anymore, i love you and all but it’s really hard to trust you and i hope we can be friends

and i didn’t even try to stop him.

I just let him go.

I wish i didn’t let him go that easily.

Now he’s gone

I want him to come back


My crush for neighbour women

i am a guy of 24 years, i am having crush on my neighbour who is married but not satisfies with her husband….. one day i was peeping from my window into her bedroom… i saw her half nude my dick got fully erect and i started jerking seeing her half nude body actually she was in bra and panty only….. i started sweating badly as i was frieghtened to get caught if she notice me peeping into her private area…. now i wanna fuck her badly..

My story….

I am 26 years old.  When I was 19 years old, I met a guy who swept me off my feet. He was funny, good looking, and most importantly he showed a lot of interest. He was always texting me, facebook messaging, and always being romantic with me. He didn’t confess his love because we were in a status of getting to know each other. He introduced me to his friend  once, he said that I feel that you two think alike so you know each other. In the beginning I thought she is a close friend, but then I found out that they were neighbors but they only communicated online. She told me to beware because he always uses his magic on girls and that he was even showing her some signs but never asked her on a date. She was expecting that he will ask her out, but then he was coming to see me at my uni but never asked her to see her or something. One time I told him that you are playing both of us but he denied it. He said that’s he is just a friend to him and he used to like her but now he doesn’t anymore because she is thinking bad about him. I used to block him out of my life every 2 months or so because I feel that he is a ladies man, and couldn’t trust him and felt he is not moving forward with a relationship just the I miss u, u are beautiful and thinking about u stuff.

He kept chasing me and playing games, he even told the other girl that he wants a relationship with her “online” and she told him that she will test him for 2 months before she decides. she was copying everything to me and he knows that but I knew later that he was using this method so I reply to him because he knows that we were always discussing him and formed a team against him.

The problem is that he kept making me fall for him by being romantic, texting me every 10 mins, but I was always doubtful that this was real love. I wanted him and everytime I meet a new guy who are more established and older than him with jobs and a better future, I couldn’t feel the same spark that I had with him. I was trying so hard to forget him and shut him out of my life because I felt he is not right and maybe he just wants sex from me.

The chase game continued for like 2 years and a half until he confessed his love to me in the most romantic way, and we made out for hours very passionately. Then, after couple of weeks he asked if we could go to his apartment but I refused. he knows that I am not willing to have sex before marriage, but he said that we won’t do it just to make out in private.

the breakup: he was insisting that I come over and I had finals at the time, I was joking so I said ya ok I am coming. I thought he knew that I was joking and he stopped texting me seemingly he was preparing the mood. Then he seemed serious about the time that we will meet to to go together so I continued with this prank and made him go a long way to meet me and I was at home. When he reached there he couldn’t find me and he was soo angry and I stopped picking up the phone so he was mad at me and sent me a message that I am a snake and stuff like that. so I blocked him on everything and I was happy that I got a revenge and instead of him playing me I played him and told our common friend and laughed about it.

I loved him but I thought this guy is a player and I don’t want to be just another girl. He was crazy after 1 month and begged to talk to me and he said he will accept whatever I say and he just wants  us being together even if we don’t kiss and he forgives me because I lied to him and he was angry because he was preparing the whole day and stuff. I didn’t reply and stayed strong and I met another man and I was going out with him and he was super classy and wanted a serious relationship with me. I didn’t have the same spark but I want someone who genuinely cares for me. We got engaged 3 months later. My ex knew and he was devastated and told me that I am insane because I am going to leave the guy because I don’t love him. he said this time I will not chase you anymore, you will have to come back to me or it is over. afterwards, he told me via facebook that he wants to see me one more time, and I didn;t agree staright away but after several attempts I told him okay but with 2 other friends because I am engaged. We met but we didn’t speak of anything concerning what happened with us because we were not alone but he was just looking at me the whole time and he drove us home and that was it.

He then sends me greetings on birthdays and that’s it he doesn’t try to make me leave my fiancée or anything. he asks our friend about me if I am happy or not and sends me greetings with her. When I got married 2 years later he congrats me and he tells me that he is traveling for work because he graduated ( he didn’t use to study and he failed a lot of classes but after we left each other he was concentrating on his studies) He wasn’t religious at all and I was always telling him that he has to change. Now he has done everything that I told him to but when I am not with him,  he changed a lot to the better. It bothers me because I was talking to him for years to change, but when he leaves me he changes for the better.

He once sent me an email asking my advice for marriage and I told him it is a good idea if u are sure you found her, but not just to get married with anyone just for the sake of it. months later, he got engaged to a girl ( on valentine this year) who used to love him, and I was very jealous. He sent me an email less than a week later telling me that he got engaged and why didn’t I congrats him? I told him congratulations and I wish u a happy life together. Then he replied that she is so beautiful and a good person just like u (me) .  it has been like 10 months now and he never asked about me or sent me an email to update me with his news or anything….

All I wanted is this person that he is now! why was he a player with me and now he settled down and he is just 26. he used to say that he won’t get married before 30 at least. and why did he care for my opinion and why didn’t he leave me alone until he really broke my heart

Feeling twisted

I have a friend and co-worker, who is now one of my best friends and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met. Her smile lights up my world and I am sad when she isn’t around. I dream of someday kissing her and telling her how much I love her, but I have several problems. One is how different our lives are, not only is she much older than me, she has children and a sort of boyfriend. I am in college and the biggest problem of all is, IM MARRIED! I do love my wife, but I have to confess I love my friend more than I love my wife! I may be a terrible person, but this is how I feel and it is tearing me appart. That is a summary of my confession.

Blushing secret

My confession is that I have an embarrassing secret.  I totally love giving blowjobs!   I am a straight guy and am in a relationship with a wonderful girl.   I am not gay and do not want to be in a romantic  relationship with a guy at all.  I don’t want to kiss a guy or hold hands with him.  I don’t want to receive a blowjob from a guy, I just want to give him a blowjob.

My girlfriend has no idea that I periodically get together with a random guy so I can suck him off.  I am not sure why I feel the urge to suck cocks, but sometimes it is a very powerful craving.  I would be so embarrassed if people knew.

She left me without any reasons

We were in 6 years relation. It was totly honest and lovely relation from both the ends. We both never had an ex its was our first love. But dont no what gone wrong in her mind . She suddenly told me ” i dont feel for you anymore” i askd her reasons but she has no clue. M madly in love with her we dreamed togeather many things . We wer totly attachd with each othr. Sometimes we had small or big fights but it was all missunderstanding which all relation has. She is like i want freedom and i want to be selfish now for myslf nd my life. She killd me frm indise m helpless i dont know what to do please help me i want her back . I neve stpd her freedom i just cared a lot all the time. In her every bday i use to fire a crackers dwn to her home. On this 11th feb we just completed 6yrs nd on 15th she broked up.

I am in love with my cousin sister and we both want to get married

I am 29 years old from eastern India. We have attraction to each other from our childhood and 2 years ago we have made our relationship formal as I told her that I love her and she also confessed that She has also same feeling for me. She is my maternal grandfather’s brother’s grand daughter.

I just want to know are we doing wrong?? I think there may not be any restriction on marriage like this. We don’t think that we are doing anything wrong by falling in love.. but we need others view also.

why me?

I’m a strong woman was married. For 26″yrs to long after my divorce..i got with a guy I have know forever..he was kind sweet. Loving and caring..now that we moved in together it awful.I pay all the bills. And food…im a fool looking for a way out..help I’m almost broke and hatee it