I was currently involved with a guy for a short time. but in that short time, we grew very close to each other. we were inseparable, we cared for each other, always put each other first. but then small things started happening between us. alot of it was the outside world saying things to him and i. but we didnt let that stop us from being together. until this one particular thing happened where he accused me of lying. and even though i can honestly say i dont remember lying about it, i still however apologized so we could move forward. but it really bothered him so we decided to take a step back and move slow. but this however caused even more problems because we didnt know what we were exactly to each other. i then “re-united” with an ex on a drunken night. and he found out, and i did lie to him because i was ashamed and i regretted it deeply, and i just recently admited to the lie. and i still want us to try to work things out, but he’s being a total jerk. and while i understand that i hurt him, i dont know if its fair for him to treat me this way. i feel like its childish for him to treat me a certain way to almost like “get back at me”. and now I’m torn between dealing with the fact that i messed up, or just walking away because i dont know how long this will carry on.

(Screen) Name: crystal14