the truth

so its been driving me insane for the past few months, and finally i think things are starting to fall into place. Im starting to feel like im where i belong! I think he is going to end up leaving her…everyone sees it….even his own mother, crazy huh? I know he wants to be with me, im so excited and nothing has even happened yet! All I know is that I cant wait for the day im allowed to touch him!! Im gonna wrap him in my arms, and kiss him from his neck to his belly, and love it the whole time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Screen) Name: mz_jayded

oh no…he read it

of all crazy things to happen…I wrote a blog about my best friend who is married, and guess what….the little ass read it! Long story short I literally had to wrestle him to try to stop him, and he still read it! He promised me his wife will never know…but it didnt solve the problem its only made it worse now…because he knows exactly how i feel! I didnt want him to know because i had really hoped to carry on as normal. But now thats hard to do. I just wish he would love me back….but thats never gonna happen, at least not in the way i want it to. He will never leave his wife…and I would be horrible to say i wish he would, because I love his wife to peices, and obviously so does he. Yet im still madly deeply head over heels in love with him and its pathetic! Its hurting my heart in a way I never thought it could, and im lost in what to do…only because the only choice is the obvious…back off and go away, it could only go badly. But i dont want to, i want to be closer…way closer…ok so i want to be how would you put it….skin on skin…what do i do!!! I cant keep going crazy!!!!!

(Screen) Name: jayded