Desperately madly in love….with no options

I am in love with my coworker.I am divorced thrice due to pure ill fate.and i have a daughter too.But I own a romantic heart.I have never thought I will meet my dream man,And there he is…He has all the interests of me.he thinks like me…he loved to talk endlessly with me.we were literally pulled together…It was a kind of mental attraction and closeness at first.Then I could not wait for even one day without seeing him..The problem is that…he is married.So there I am..I knew all these..I didn’t want to fall in love..I thought..I am never going to trust guys…or love them..And I was morally so against adultery…But  I couldn’t help falling in deep attraction to him.I tried to think about this as infatuation.I thought this will end soon.But it didn’t.I yearn for his love and caresses and physical affection too.He has not tried to exploit my situation…or lead me to sex..It was me who demanded his kiss one day..and I know he likes me..but not sure whether he loves me enough…he has a wife..he knows that I need a husband..he has never said ” I love you “to me.we never had sex in the true sense.he has touched me a few times …that’s all..I cry a lot…when I am with him I am the happiest girl in this world..I don’t know..whether to leave..or proceed..He urges me to find someone and marry.But I know…nobody in this world…more matching than my man…Even though he hasn’t said anything..I know that he loves his wife and child.I don’t want to ruin his family..I don’t want to destroy his life.But I need him to live..I need his love..Or I perish..