which one to choose???

ok so…
Theres these two boys that i really like,
one is 18 and his name is Bobby. The other one is 16 and his name is Andrew. Right now im 14 about to turn 15 in a month. I think i like them equally but they have completely different personalities. They both know that i like them but the dont know about eachother. Bobby likes me back, hes liked me longer than ive liked him. Andrew says hes not sure how he feels about me. Ive been liking Andrew for about a year now, ive liked him ever since i met him, way longer than ive liked Bobby. I know Andrew way better than i know Bobby, because Bobby is extra shy and we’ve never really hungout together, hes even to shy to really talk to me when we see eachother. But i think if we get closer and he warms up to me he wont be as shy anymore. But we mostly text eachother at the moment. But me and Andrew we actually hangout. I wana get to know them both a little more, and i can see myself with both of them and i know theres going to be a point where im going to have to pick one over the other and thats going to be really hard considering i like them both alot.

so any help on chosing
or just some advice for me…
anything will help.

(Screen) Name: kandichick