Stay Best Friends or Be a Couple??

Hi, I am a freshman in college. My best friend and I have been friends for four years and going to be five in a couple of days. He knows I have a rule of beening friends with guys and i am not trying to make nothing more than friendship. But right now, I think im in love with him. I don’t know what to think, because I have never been in love. I never like the word of Love, i saw many friends and family members that are so torn up about it for a couple of years and some are happy with the word love. He told me already he loves me, and its just been about close to four months since he said it. I don’t know if i should believe him. He has never told anybody he loves them. He didn’t even tell his ex-girlfriend who was pregnant but had a miscarriage he loved her. Im the first girl he can tell. Him and I are very similar in ways we don’t understand. We both hated the word love, we are totally honest with each other even when it is very hurtful, we don’t see our lives without being there for each other, we are total goof balls, we are opposite of each other, and we like each others company. Ever since he had said he loves me, we have been talking about the feelings he has been having. I say its just the spring fever, but I don’t know if he really does love me or not. He wants to make it more than bestfriends and take the next step to being a couple. Sometimes I would want to be a couple with him, then i change my mind very quickly about things i am unsure of. But i also want to keep us as bestfriends because i am afraid, if we do try are we going to be able to be bestfriends even if we don’t work out. I don’t want to lose him. When we just hang out with just him and me, its like he is a total different person, he shows me what kind of guy he is when he is in a relationship. It’s just my fear of losing him that is keeping me from going along with him and meeting him the other half way. I havent told him about my feelings for him because I don’t want to get hurt for thinking he was serious. I don’t know what to think or say. I want us to stay best friends. I try to say lets take a break from talking to each other, but it never works. We both need each other. And nobody else in our group of friends, which are merely guys, knows about his feelings for me. We have been keeping it a secret from everybody. Im going out of my mind not speaking to anybody i know about it. Can you help me please?

(Screen) Name: Jessica

Got in trouble

Igot in a fight with my “best friend” last year in seventh grade. all because she was using her “powers” to make everybody do as she does. i got mad, ok, i hide my feelings usually. so, one day, i didn’t get my lunch, that day was my first day of my club meeting, so i was angry. Someone told me that the lunch was in the classroom already. Angrily, I ran up the stairs, met her on the way. She told me something, but i was angry so i didn’t hear anything. I didn’t even know that she was beside me. others say that she was telling me to wait for her to go to the meeting together. who cares. so anyways, i went down to the meeting myself. then she got all hurt and that stuff. she started whining to her mother, got me in trouble. he mother met me in school one day and she asked me what happened. OK. I DON’T KNOW!! I WAS MAD!! K?? So i just shrugged and said, “Dunno. Nothing. Sorry, bye.” and walked off to eat with my friends. So the next day she tells my mom that i made a face at her and had a horrible attitude. WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THAT?? just walking innocently in the halls and she comes over to ruin my mood. So i got in trouble blah blah. Now we aren’t friends. Maybe enemies. So she didn’t have a lot of friends before she met me. All of my friends started knowing her afterwards. Became friends with her. Slowly, I realize, she is trying to ruin my life at school. What have I become? friendless. but why? she takes them away. bullies me. causing me to be left out. causing me to always be the one in trouble. i hate the life at school. until now, i find out. no one likes her. they all talk with her only because she forces them to. She told them i was a b*t*h. how they shouldn’t be friends with me. ????????? I actually accept their friendships!! Let my friends choose!! tell me. should i be selfish? should i accept the friendship? please!! help!!

(Screen) Name: pardirina

I needed to vent .

Okaay, so I needa talk to someone . Well, I was dating this boy for like.. Almost 7 months. Everything was perfect. I thought he was the one; I could picture us raising our kids together & stuff .-. Yenoo’ the type of things you think when you’re in love. Okay, but this is what happened . We. Would have our occasional close-breakup but right after, he’d send me a relationship request? But the last time he didn’t? Then he stopped talking about me on his statuses, he stopped texting me while he went to his volleyball games. He said he was supporting his friends? I was cool with it till I heard about him & some girl. Let’s call her Lola. I asked him about her , he was like ‘she’s just a friend’ but if she was, then why wouldnt he let me meet her? It’s whatever. We ended up breaking up on our 7th month anniversary & the same day, he kissed her. Literally broke my heart to pieces. Then, I saw him with his BESTFRIEND ! Let’s call her Ana. He started messing around with her, but then he’ text me begging for me back, giving me hope we’d be together again. But nah; he started dating Ana. Ana cheated on him. He got with me. I felt like a second option & the feelings just weren’t there . I left him; he got with Lola. He left her & got with Ana again. & it’s just killing me because I know he’s telling her everything he told me. So it’s like our 7 months were nothing. They were lies. He was a player & I fell for the game. Now it’s hard not to compare every guy to him. I just want something like him .

(Screen) Name: Forgotten0818

He said he “loves” me.

And i love him back. He’s in a year above me in school but we’re both the same age. He told me that he loves me and then after that, he just started ignoring me and pretending like he doesnt know me. And it hurts. I dont know what to do.. I’m filled with all these questions..

What happened?!
Did i do something wrong?!
Did he change his mind?!
Did he mean it when he said it?!

And we havent talked after that… I miss him… I dont know if i should say something about it to him or not… I feel really clueless… I really really dont know what to do…

(Screen) Name: BeingIgnored

friend or love PART 2,PLZ READ


(Screen) Name: ra.don

Friend? Or loved one?

So I’ve been at this school for about two years. I met my best friend there, we are just the bestest friends ever! We do everything together; go to the park, sleepovers, math tests etc. But recently I’ve been having feelings for my friends older sibling. I don’t know whether that’s right or wrong, but I know that if my friend finds out, our friendship is OVER. This isn’t just some crush, I truley love him. He’s not the most handsome guy in the world but i love him for who he is, not what he looks like. I know where to find him at lunch. I make an excuse to go there just so I can see him. We talk, have a laugh, stuff like that. But he has NO idea about the pain behind my smile. Every day I think about him, knowing that I can never tell anyone. He doesn’t know that I love him, but I just want to tell him and get it over with, but I’m afraid of how he’ll react. You know, it would be great if he loved me too, but even if he’s not interested in my like that, I still don’t want to lose him as a friend. Also I’m under a lot of pressure. Two guys recently asked me out and I told them that I loved someone else, and hey never leave me alone now. I walk in to the room and straight away they’re asking me “Who is he?Tell me, tell me, tell me!” I don’t know what to do. PLESE HELP!!!

(Screen) Name: Love-sick97

i love my best friend

ok i i liked thiz guy and after a while we became bestfriendz we alwayz hanging out together and everything but he haz a gf that he hatez and he promised me and swear he would break up with her but he didnt and he broke my heart should i talk to him or not?

(Screen) Name: whataidiot9


My best friend and I have had threesomes, now and then, with her boyfriend. Just recently he put the moves on me and tried to kiss me knowing that I was drunk & feeling depressed. Although, that is NOT an excuse for me because I know I had full responsibility in this, it still remains a fact of my emotions and physical condition. His girlfriend was no where near us. He tried kissing me again and I just kept pushing him back and kept telling him to stop but he kept being persistent and before I knew it I was kissing him back. It did not stop there and honestly the rest was a bit blurry but I remember there was some penetration and I just remember coming to my senses and stopping him before it went any further but I felt that it was too late. I’ve been feeling so bad and I’m not sure if I should tell her what happened or not. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t tell just relieve your guiltness and that you should tell them when they question you. Well she did question me two days after but I was unable to tell her the truth at the time because she was about to go out with him and his family and most importantly I wanted to tell her in person. Today I had a chance to see her in person and us two only because she was helping me out with some personal problems. I thought we had the whole day together and before I knew it should told me she had to leave to work. Again I felt that it was not a good moment again to tell her. I feel like there is never going to be a good moment to tell her and the more time passes by I feel that I will feel less inclined to her. I am so scared to lose her friendship because I love her dearly she means everything to me. What should I do?

(Screen) Name: Sad Sally