Blushing secret

My confession is that I have an embarrassing secret.  I totally love giving blowjobs!   I am a straight guy and am in a relationship with a wonderful girl.   I am not gay and do not want to be in a romantic  relationship with a guy at all.  I don’t want to kiss a guy or hold hands with him.  I don’t want to receive a blowjob from a guy, I just want to give him a blowjob.

My girlfriend has no idea that I periodically get together with a random guy so I can suck him off.  I am not sure why I feel the urge to suck cocks, but sometimes it is a very powerful craving.  I would be so embarrassed if people knew.

She left me without any reasons

We were in 6 years relation. It was totly honest and lovely relation from both the ends. We both never had an ex its was our first love. But dont no what gone wrong in her mind . She suddenly told me ” i dont feel for you anymore” i askd her reasons but she has no clue. M madly in love with her we dreamed togeather many things . We wer totly attachd with each othr. Sometimes we had small or big fights but it was all missunderstanding which all relation has. She is like i want freedom and i want to be selfish now for myslf nd my life. She killd me frm indise m helpless i dont know what to do please help me i want her back . I neve stpd her freedom i just cared a lot all the time. In her every bday i use to fire a crackers dwn to her home. On this 11th feb we just completed 6yrs nd on 15th she broked up.

I am in love with my cousin sister and we both want to get married

I am 29 years old from eastern India. We have attraction to each other from our childhood and 2 years ago we have made our relationship formal as I told her that I love her and she also confessed that She has also same feeling for me. She is my maternal grandfather’s brother’s grand daughter.

I just want to know are we doing wrong?? I think there may not be any restriction on marriage like this. We don’t think that we are doing anything wrong by falling in love.. but we need others view also.


i am in the relationship for approx one and half year..i love him ver much..i care for him….but he is only fond of food, sleep, hanging out like this only….i never feel dat h care for me. If i pleased him with a good food or i spent on him a good amount on daily basis then he is happy otherwise he keepd fighting wid me and blame me dat i never spent onn him or i dnt care abt him etc etc.. he really ruined my lyf…neither he leave me properly coz whenever he fights if he come to me directly i always forgive him coz of my lov for him nor he change his habits….i am not happy wid him at all even crying all the tym….but i love him what can i do suggest me pplzz

Distant love

Dear friends
I’m 15 years old boy, studying in high school. I’m in love with a girl. I saw her photo 1st time on 4 December 2014 and i juts fell for her. I couldn’t imagine that i will start loving her so much. She is my relative but lives abroad so i had never talked to her till 12 August 2015 ,it was when she visited India For Holidays! I saw her at the last moment when she was going back to Doha. I wanted to say her everything but couldn’t said because she was ignoring me all the time. But once she smiled looking into my eyes, which gives me a reason to love her more.
Now I’m dying every single moment to talk to her anyway but i can’t call or anythjng. Since last two nights I’m having her dream in which she is saying that she loves me and you should move ahead otherwise you’ll never get me! I’m shocked that i have dream of this type. I’m afraid of losing her yes i know she isn’t mine! And yes when she came to my house i made her feel that i love her! So maybe, she knows a little bit.
What should i do?
I’m confused!
Why she is coming in my dreams?
Please suggest me something which can help me and can save from being mentally destroyed!

THis is for real… To me

I met a man about 4-5 years ago. He is funny, charming, naughty, and smart. I hung out with him for a while this summer and he’s still as brilliant as ever. I met him when I was a camper… Kinda awkward because when I was 14 he was 20… He was also my counselor, but I loved him none the less. I thought it was puppy love, but as the years went by I felt the same even when I wasn’t around him. I never know what to do. He makes me so happy, but I can’t tell him. He’s so cute in an bold way. The last day I saw him he gave me a lingering hug and complimented me on how much I’ve grown and I just really can’t  wait until I see him again… I love him so much. I can’t contain it.

I suck at love

So the last year in school I met this really shy and childish guy who sat next to me. He was 2 years in the same classes with and I didn’t even pay attention to him till last year when we shared seats.

I got to know him well, he was really nice, sensitive, shy, he wasn’t like the rest of the guys that act like jerks just to pretend be cool, at those times I used to have a really low self esteem, I used to skip class all the time, I cut my hair, I stop wearing makeup and worrying about my appearance, I was very run down.

When we got closer we started flirting, and tickle each other during class and listen to cute music, he used to tell me about his stuff, his life wasn’t that easy, he was really frustrated because he couldn’t get a girlfriend, there was a girl in my class that gave him false hope and got hurt,  he was really impulsive and told me that talking to me it made him calm and also that I wasn’t like the rest of girls and that made me important to him, no one ever have told me or made me feel that before

I loved to listen to him and talk to him, he used to cry about my dumb jokes and stuff, and so I started liking him and so was him, but I never realized.

I never told him about my feelings but he noticed it, I started to wear make up and look good to draw his attention even more, but suddenly he got mad at me, he went to sit somewhere else. I used to call him to sit with me, he used to ignored me, after two weeks, he talked to me again, so did I, I asked him why he got mad he never wanted to answer me, so I acted like nothing happened between us.(I hate drama)

He told me he was going to live to another city, I first thought he was lying, or just saying, I never thought it was going to be true till the last day of class, I asked him when he was moving and he was going that same day. т.т

I got so so sad but I didn’t show it, I acted like it wasn’t affecting me but it really did. when the class ended he was going without saying goodbye, I ran out of the classroom and went to look for him he was going, and I screamed his name and hugged him I told him I was going to miss him a lot and to not forget about me, when he left I started crying so so hard, I could’t believe it, he was perfect to me, I felt like I lost a diamond, ugh it was awful

after a week he gone he messaged me and told me that he liked me, and he wanted to date me but he didn’t want to hurt me because he does not have a stable place to live in, his dad is a miliyary, that’s why he travels a lot. I lost my phone and so I lost his number so he messaged my friend, and he alwyas asked about me.

I have his necklace, he thought he lost it but he got really happy because I had it, and also sad because he didn’t have anything about me, just some pens I led him in class lol not romantic at all

I missed him a lot tho he was a nice guy, I have never felt this before, since I’ve only had 2 boyfriends who were dickheads haha.


Now, this year in july, I went travel to a countryside for a weekend, I didn’t go to school from friday till sunday, so monday I went to school, and I got the suprise of my life, he came back to my class, he transferred school. when I saw him I got butterflies in my stomach it was crazy, I gave him a bear hug, I didn’t want to let him go lol, I was HAPPY AF, we sat together again, and played like the old times, till my whole class strated annoying us, and notice it we like each other. he was happy to see me again, so was I but it kinda bothered him how the class annoy us, because I get red af, and he acts like he doesn’t listen to them.

Now he haven’t talked to me, he is indifferent to me and that makes me so sad, in class, he sits tree seats heind me, he laughs stronger that way he tries to draw my attention, because it’s obvious, he startes at me when he thinks I don’t even notice but I really do, or tries to walk near me and talk louder, ugh I honestly don’t know what to do.

I asked my best friend to talk to him for me, and he told her that he is afraid to talk to me, she asked her why he doesn’t date me, and he said he need to think that with his heart, and like he travels a lot, he doesn’t want to hurt me.

I am not asking him to be my boyfriend, I just want him to talk to me, xc he is shy, I’d really love to date him though, but I’m like the most impulsive person I get frustrated when he ignores me, I hate his indifference towards me, this november I am going to france with mom and I don’t want to end up with him like this, like if we never met, I love him I really really do, I’ve never felt this before, I have a very strong desire to cry inside like a lump in the throat.

I need an advice, I really suck at love please hep me what should I do?? should I talk to him? tell him what I feel?? ugh I will explode

By the way, thank you for reading this and take your time for it.


I’m a young man whose been hiding a deep dark secret love for my cousin in law for nearly 15 years now I never thought shed look at me as a person but one day when I was about to give up on life all together our eyes met and I felt this cut in my heart now im sad because so many people stood in my way and indoctrinated her so much we even had spiritual connection that only true love can bring long story short I got the short end and my hearts desire was right in front of me I even gave up all my dreams cuz deep down I knew I wanted a family of my own that loved me.

i love him

i love my cousin . . but i really dont know that he likes me or not . . .i really want to know that . .i never told him dat i like or love u . .  . i cant even xpress my feeling over here . . my words are lost . .

as i mentioned that we r cousin . . and there are sooo many special moments that i never forget . .we never say hi to eachother inshort we nerver talked . . when he comes in front of me i cant even speak , when he suddenly comes in a room where i am sitting and talking to his family i suddenly stop talking . . when he is around me, my heartbeat runs fast .  . i really want to ignore him but i cant . . .

Desperately madly in love….with no options

I am in love with my coworker.I am divorced thrice due to pure ill fate.and i have a daughter too.But I own a romantic heart.I have never thought I will meet my dream man,And there he is…He has all the interests of me.he thinks like me…he loved to talk endlessly with me.we were literally pulled together…It was a kind of mental attraction and closeness at first.Then I could not wait for even one day without seeing him..The problem is that…he is married.So there I am..I knew all these..I didn’t want to fall in love..I thought..I am never going to trust guys…or love them..And I was morally so against adultery…But  I couldn’t help falling in deep attraction to him.I tried to think about this as infatuation.I thought this will end soon.But it didn’t.I yearn for his love and caresses and physical affection too.He has not tried to exploit my situation…or lead me to sex..It was me who demanded his kiss one day..and I know he likes me..but not sure whether he loves me enough…he has a wife..he knows that I need a husband..he has never said ” I love you “to me.we never had sex in the true sense.he has touched me a few times …that’s all..I cry a lot…when I am with him I am the happiest girl in this world..I don’t know..whether to leave..or proceed..He urges me to find someone and marry.But I know…nobody in this world…more matching than my man…Even though he hasn’t said anything..I know that he loves his wife and child.I don’t want to ruin his family..I don’t want to destroy his life.But I need him to live..I need his love..Or I perish..