Dressed up as girl

my female cousin who was two years older than me was visiting us. One afternoon she and my mom went out. I walked passed her room and spotted a pair of lavender panties in her suitcase. I went to my room, undressed and slid my new found silky panties slowly on my body. I had an instant erection. I relived myself and put the panties back where I found them. My best friend, Chad and I were at his house. I said I have a secret. When I told him he said did you feel girly with them on? I admitted I did. He left and returned with a pair of his sisters panties. Undress and put them on. I did and he said so girl can you do your girly duty? What do yo mean I asked. Touch my dick. I did and he had a hard on and I did what he asked and put my mouth over it. I sucked him and did what he asked and swallowed his thick juices. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I ended up dressing up more and more as a girl with him

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THis is for real… To me

I met a man about 4-5 years ago. He is funny, charming, naughty, and smart. I hung out with him for a while this summer and he’s still as brilliant as ever. I met him when I was a camper… Kinda awkward because when I was 14 he was 20… He was also my counselor, but I loved him none the less. I thought it was puppy love, but as the years went by I felt the same even when I wasn’t around him. I never know what to do. He makes me so happy, but I can’t tell him. He’s so cute in an bold way. The last day I saw him he gave me a lingering hug and complimented me on how much I’ve grown and I just really can’t  wait until I see him again… I love him so much. I can’t contain it.

I love someone I shouldn’t

I’m in love with a first cousin. We met for the first time a few months ago. I knew I was in trouble the second she spoke. She radiates warmth, passion, confidence. Things I deeply lack in myself. I didn’t want this to happen. She opened her heart to me and cracked mine wide open too. I had never felt closer to or more cared for by anyone. When we talk she gives me undivided, earnest attention that makes me feel like I’m the center of the universe…that I’m worth her time. And she has a lot going on in her own life. I fought my feelings for her, but pretending to be platonic is so painful. I feel like I violated my own moral code and in a way manipulated her trust in me because I didn’t tell her the truth. The truth is I have never felt like this about anyone. She makes me so happy. When I’m around her I feel so safe, I feel like I can be vulnerable, show my darkest side, and she would still love me the way she does. I feel like I can’t hold back anymore. It’s killing me carrying this secret in my heart every single day. Trying to act normal around her pushing back tears wanting to be with her knowing the truth will drive her away. She knows something is wrong because I’m distancing myself and avoiding contact. I’m hoping indifference will keep me from falling even harder. It hurts seeing her, it hurts not seeing her. She wants to talk to me and help me, and I’m dying to tell her, but I fear the consequences. Losing her, exposing me, breaking hearts all over again. It’s ironic that the only person I know who has overcome heartbreak and could guide me towards letting go and healing is her.  I have never fallen so hard for someone, never thought of all people, it would be someone I’m not supposed to love. I might have idealized her, and think sometimes  maybe it’s the idea of someone like her that I’m in love with. Maybe it’s not really her that I love. But either way, it comes back to her. I feel sick. I don’t know what is right. If I continue acting platonic, we still have each other. But our relationship is not completely honest because I’m hiding my secret from her. I also risk doing something stupid, shocking her, shocking everyone. Hurting her ;( Not to mention facing stigma, rejection, humiliation. If I confess, I destroy everything we had together. But it would be a release for me. I don’t like either option because both involve a world of hurt and pain. Why does it have to be her? Why can’t I just unlove her? What should I do?


Well i have been with my partner for 4 an half years and about a month ago he told me he didnt love me no more and he wanted to break up  but typical girl i begged him back that i will change and i thought it was all my fault but it was nothing till do with me but from that has happend i cant trust him cause i dunno when he is gunna say it again its just to much stress to handle cause im only 18 im not happy anymore and im crying everyday and i told him i need a break from it all but its just so difficult cause ive started talking to this other bloke and i really like him its just soo confusing and i would appriciate any help wot so ever cause i just feel like im gunna explode with all this stress.

Eye For An Eye

Long story short been with guy for 14 yrs.Two kids,good jobs,homeowners,etc.Finally he proposes after all this time.He had been cheating prior to the engagment I knew but was willing to save my family so I  accepted the proposal.Shortly after that he leaves for an trip and accidently left an old cell phone.So I looked in the phone and my surprise he had been still communicating with this woman.Not just that but sexually as well he even used those three words oh yeah  i love you in texts.Woww so I forgave him and accepted him back then he tells me he moving out,wtf r u serious after we get engage you move out but still says he want s

Should I go for it?

well wen Istarted hanging out with this guy he said he doesnt want a girlfriend but now we have kinda been acting like boyfriend and girlfriend (no kissing or anything like that though) and i dont know if he wants a girlfriend now but I want to start dating him but Idont want to ask him out cause I dont want to ruin wat we have but people keep on asking me if were dating or telling me that we would make a cute couple and it sucks cause I want to ask him out but I am scared I will lose a friend a long with a boyfriend is I do. Its kinda like one of those situations wen it hurts to be with him but hurts even more to be away from him so my question is should I ask him out or wait to see what happens?

my love for u is real,,,,

my life is blissed…i found a man for me…

when he look at me..i feel melting like an ice cream..

i see his eyes telling me the real meaning of love…

LOVE means a lot for me..

it moves in mysterious ways..when love appears over the horizon..

i Love you…its always so surprising..

From the rest of my days…i feel like mystery..


whod have thought this is how the pieces fit…

You and i shouldn’t even try making sense of it..

i forgot how we ever came this far..

Like the ticking of the clock that beat as one,.,

i never understand the way its done..


Given opinions without thinking.

I have a very close knit group of friends.We are together from the very school days and they have been the closest to my heart all this time. Lately I had developed a very bad habit of forming opinions about people without judging him/her properly.Two of my friends had gone in to a relationship lately.one of them is with a guy whose 10 years senior to her and doesnt have a good job. Another one of my friends is with a guy whose younger to her and is not at par with her in terms of career.He was preparing for a competetive exam.I had talked a lot behind their backs and had sneered at their choices. The fact that the guys were not into good jobs and not that focussed in life irked me.I even went into the length saying that one of their relationships wont last long as the guy would take a lot of time to settle down.However I had also adviced my second friend to motivate her bf to concentrate on his career.I was genuinely concerned about her and wanted the best for her.I know her family and her father would only approve of a guy whose better than her in all terms.
Offlate I met with the two of them.One of them is a gem of a guy.He is a very nice person and loves my friend dearly.Another one got a good score in his competetive exam. I just feel miserable right now. i shouldnt have formed just strong opinions about them so fast.
My bf and I work in an MNC. Recently he cleared exam of a company which is better than the present one having a double pay package. I am also scared of the fact that maybe he wont get the opportunity to join the company because I had bitched about other people’s bfs.This is the dream job for him and he had been slogging on for the past 4 years for a job like this.I feel right now that I have wasted all his chances of getting through the job.I dont want him to be punished for an idiot like me.
Its very common for all human beings to compare and trying to keep oneself in a higher position. Every body nowadays is competetive and wants the best for oneself. I am no different. But i feel utterly miserable that I had said these things about my close friends.God has brought me down to earth and showed me the humble path.I am sorry my dear friends, I didnt want to say those horrible things about the people u love.I want to take back all my mockery, sneers and lurid comments.I had always wanted the best for you two and recently when i heard about your partners I had thought that maybe you two deserve a lot better. I had forgotten completely that love is all about feeling and commitment.Its not about a high end career and a fat pay package.Please forgive me for being such a manipulative and calculative bitch.

(Screen) Name: phoebe