… one night stand!!!

there is a boy who was a club singer at our place .. then we had sex .. because we are attractive to each other i know he has a girlfriend but it didn’t happened again .. then we had a conversation on facebook and his wife happened to be his wife now read it … and now … the wife use some4 words that i can’t take .. i know i’m wrong but i’m just a girl who’s inlove … and i’m thinking of filling charges to her … is it right .. i hate the boy because ha can’t protect me … i’m really depressed ..

(Screen) Name: nailgurl

Please advice me

We are in true love till 10 month as I fell. But one time we a lot of discussion about her past and I used some bad word for her bcoz still she showing her past many years living relations couple pictures in her friend’s facebook. She sent me relationship request to me but I keep it pending because in her friend’s facebook circle there are a lot of her picture with ex bf like they are couple and wife/husband. And wait to accept it when she delete everything bcoz I also wanna to show her in my circle too. So many times I told her if u can’t remove these things I can’t accept it. And many time we had a lot of discussion about these pictures. But she told she can’t remove it because “she doesn’t know her friends facebook password”. Even they are her best and close friends.

Same time she got good financially opportunities with new man. He offer part job with good salary and new room for living inside his living apartment in free of cost. Even she was the permanent employee in repopulate international organization. And she went go with new man bcoz of money ( I think it) and end the relation with me suddenly within 4/5 days. But I was unknown about it and living in another place. I fell something different about her communication and one day I ask about it. But she didn’t inform me anything.

But it was important for me to know about the fact. So one day I made the fake plan and warning her if she don’t inform me the fact I will misuse her facebook ( we share our facebook passwords) and she really fear and tell everything about the relation with new man. New man was her patient son and came from aboard for treatment in her hospital. And she told me he is rich man and wanna to love and care me, so she went with him. And start to live his building and beginning for relax life with him. I was stocked It happened within 1 week

After ending relation with me till 2 month, she didn’t pick up my call and didn’t reply of my any message. Sometime I just wanna to talk and listen her voice but she never talk and reply. I was very upset and painfully but she never look toward me. So sometime, I use rude and bad words again.

But after 2/3 month later she contacts me in skype and I asked about her life. She informed me that she can’t be happy with new man for future life. He only take care her that time. I don’t know what is the exact reason but I fell now she is not satisfied with new man for long term relation. Right now she is on my communication by webcam from few days. In past I had 100% trust and believe on it. I think she is honest and to whom I can trust.

But now how I can believe and trust on her. Once if we lost the trust it was very hard to recover again and sometime impossible. What should I need to do?
• Forget her from my life
• Just continue communication like past
• Just behave as normal friend( which is impossible)
• Forgive her ( why forgive her . I am not her 1st love. She is experienced)
Please I kindly request to advise me. Because of my story I was disturbed in my life and study too. I want to final it. I need ur suggestion plz sothat I can strong on my decision. In past, I think she loves me more then I love her. Now is this true after you knowing my story?
Plz plz advice me.

(Screen) Name: bbpp


Our relationship has reached 3years and 2months before the girl left me for another guy. It happened that during our relationship,i used to beat her because of her indiscpline. When she left,i tried to let her understood dat mistakes will never repeat itself. Coz i cried and sicked when she left me. Now,am not in luv wit any other than that girl.

(Screen) Name: Elnino

Other woman

Please help me I Meet my ex boyfriend 22years ago he is married and have 2 kids We meet and then we start dating and fall in love to each other again and we got sex every time he has a free time from work.We know we doing wrong but we cannot control our feelings.Please help me I love him so much I cant let him go…what will I do now…

(Screen) Name: Tiffany BabyDoll

It’s Too Late

I had been so in love with this boy since the fifth grade. Now, I still love him. He is my best friend. Many boys said that he loved me but i didn’t show my feelings to anyone. He courted me. I didn’t say yes.. One day, he avoided me and I think he courted another girl. I was so jealous! But I can’t do anything.. He never minded me.. The “I Love Yous” were gone and the hugs.. And I know that he’s already not my best friend.. Even our professor agreed in their chemistry… I wanted to tell him how I feel but… I can’t. I really love him! What should I do?

(Screen) Name: iMissNerdLovesHim

How may believe will run me down

I am a teenager that has always believe in doing what i felt is right never ask any one for advice and things has always been working out for of. But this time i got it wrong. There is this girl that leave with her aunty in the neighbour-hood, i got attracted to her and she ask me out and i reluctantly accept and we started dating and having sex and now she is pregnant. But i foot know how to report this to my parent, she lied, telling her parent that it a man she meet at the night club that is responsible for pregnancy. But she called and told me that the pregnancy is mine and that she wants’ to keep the baby when an ready to be a father, i can come to take the baby

(Screen) Name: mathew

Ooops… I totally forgot!

I had been in a relationship for about a year and 8 months and… it had been going really slowly. We didn’t see each other much, and it began to feel more like a distant friendship. Later that year, I took a trip to Spain with some colleagues by coach. we broke down in France, and had to stay for several weeks, and there I was “wooed” by this amazing guy, who eventually asked me out, and I said yes, forgetting I was in a relationship back in England! I only dated the guy for a week after finding out he had cheated on me. I was glad the relationship didn’t get serious or intimate. I came back home realising my man was waiting for me… I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t need to say anything. He explained that we were growing apart and broke up with me then and there. I was gutted but… i deserved it. I havn’t been Spain since!

(Screen) Name: Molly

Fighting to Accept

I am 20 years old. I lost my parents when I was 7.

I have had a few relationships but none come close to the one I shared with my best friend. We began dating after steadily getting closer for a couple years. I was so happy, but spent a lot of my time trying to make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t want to lose him. So whenever something did go wrong, I would be incredibly upset. I still loved him though. Finally the day came when he told me he didn’t feel the same anymore. I tried to be sincere and calm but I ended up losing it. I fought feelings for months and I finally I sent him a terribly hurtful message. It made me feel better removing him from my life.
I kept thinking about our relationship though. Over time it dawned on me how wrong I was. How much was my fault. I tried to apologize, to make amends. He let me know he didnt want anything to do with me. I told him I understood but I’d keep trying.

I planned for months, to get him an anonymous birthday gift I knew he’d love. When the day came, he did love it. And I was so happy. But I couldn’t help myself. Two days later I tried to contact him and he told me, he was thankful for the gifts, but he still wanted nothing to do with me.

It’s only been 7 1/2 months since we broke up, only 4 since I apologized. But it feels like it’s been eternity. And I can’t stop fighting the likely idea that.. I will never get him back into my life. I’ve run out of thoughts on how to handle it. The only thing that keeps me alive is the possibility that he may still forgive me in time. But every day I feel that window closing.

I was his first relationship, and the first person he felt he could openly talk to. I ruined everything. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive me.

(Screen) Name: GreatestRegret

Still paying for an old affair

I have been in a relationship for about two and a half years. We got off to a rocky start due to my own stupidity. As there had been no declarations of love, nor any sign on his part that he was not seeing other women, I fell back into old habits with a former friend with benefits. Neither the fact that he had not said “I love you,” nor my gut feeling that he was still sleeping around excuse my behavior. I was 100% in the wrong, and I acknowledge that. When my indiscretion came to light, he was furious. He swore that he had not been with any other women, he said that he was in love with me and wanted to be with me exclusively, found it in his heart to forgive me, and I have been faithful ever since.
Unfortunately, he has been unable to trust me since this incident. I understand that rebuilding trust requires a tremendous effort on the part of the cheater, and I assure you I have put forth such effort. At his request, I distanced myself from everyone who knew about the “affair” (my closest friends), withdrew from all social activity (unless he was involved), and agreed to report my whereabouts to him upon request. At first, I felt like a prisoner, but when I realized how much emotional damage I had done, I obliged.
A year and a half later, I still do not have his trust. He reads my e-mail, he checks my text messages, he sends threatening messages to my male friends if they so much as comment on a facebook status, and still does not feel comfortable with me socializing without him. Furthermore, he has been fired from his last two jobs and refuses to take any job that would require him to work nights (because he could not monitor my whereabouts). Most of the available jobs in his profession require night shifts, and the financial stress is really taking its toll.
And now for the part that will make everyone hate my guts: I have a very strong (mutual) attraction to a male friend. Nothing what-so-ever has happened, but my boyfriend senses the tension and is irate. I am old enough to know that attractions are bound to flare up from time to time, and most of them are fleeting (even if they don’t seem so in the moment). I am willing to resist temptation and “work on” my current relationship. After all, there is no guarantee that the next relationship will be any better than the current. The hateful thing is that he is firmly convinced that I am sleeping with this man, and his constant accusations only make me want to prove him right. I can recognize that this is illogical and immature, and I am certainly capable of controlling my irrational impulse.
But I have to wonder… is it worth it??? Am I being disrespectful of myself by staying with a man who may never trust me? Yes, I made a huge mistake early in our relationship. But at what point do I regain some rights? At what point can I have a private conversation, a social life, and some help with the bills? I have to admit that a major reason why I am attracted to this other man is the fact that he is gainfully employed and financially responsible. But now that I’m reading my own words, it almost seems comical. “He has a JOB…. Woooooooow!!!”
And my boyfriend has some great qualities. He gets my sense of humor, he does almost all of the cooking and cleaning, and he tolerates my cats even though he has allergies. On top of that, I have MS and sometimes require assistance with basic things (like walking to the car). He is very understanding of this. I am also a full-time graduate student in neuroscience and I work in two labs, so I’m often stressed out. He is usually quite patient with me in this regard. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to find another partner who can tolerate a stressed-out graduate student with an incurable health condition.
So my question is: If anyone out there has been the “cheater” in a relationship, how did you manage to earn back your partner’s trust? Is this even possible? And is there any point at which you, as the cheater, have a right to say, “Enough is enough! You’re going to have to make the choice to trust that I’ve learned from my mistake, believe that I love you, and stop accusing me of bad behaviors in which I am NOT engaging.” Or should I just give up on this and go out with the other guy? The one who has a JOB.

(Screen) Name: AnnaK

Never Let go

I love my man Sbusiso Mthembu and now we are having problems due to my stupidity we started dating last year october and things were increadable fantastic between us we have a lot in common we even share a star sign i so much love this guy i cant see myself leaving without him

(Screen) Name: Broken heart