I needed to vent .

Okaay, so I needa talk to someone . Well, I was dating this boy for like.. Almost 7 months. Everything was perfect. I thought he was the one; I could picture us raising our kids together & stuff .-. Yenoo’ the type of things you think when you’re in love. Okay, but this is what happened . We. Would have our occasional close-breakup but right after, he’d send me a relationship request? But the last time he didn’t? Then he stopped talking about me on his statuses, he stopped texting me while he went to his volleyball games. He said he was supporting his friends? I was cool with it till I heard about him & some girl. Let’s call her Lola. I asked him about her , he was like ‘she’s just a friend’ but if she was, then why wouldnt he let me meet her? It’s whatever. We ended up breaking up on our 7th month anniversary & the same day, he kissed her. Literally broke my heart to pieces. Then, I saw him with his BESTFRIEND ! Let’s call her Ana. He started messing around with her, but then he’ text me begging for me back, giving me hope we’d be together again. But nah; he started dating Ana. Ana cheated on him. He got with me. I felt like a second option & the feelings just weren’t there . I left him; he got with Lola. He left her & got with Ana again. & it’s just killing me because I know he’s telling her everything he told me. So it’s like our 7 months were nothing. They were lies. He was a player & I fell for the game. Now it’s hard not to compare every guy to him. I just want something like him .

(Screen) Name: Forgotten0818


i am 18 going on 19 years-old and all my life i have attracted many BEAUTIFUL woman. my father had alot of girlfriends b4 he passed and the same is expected for me but unfortunatly growing up without a father i have failed to explor my manly capabilities and am now an 18 year-old virgin. i am very embarissed and very lonely. i am an attractive handsom young man i have been told too many times. i have 110% respect for woman for i have grown up around females and still do. i am in collage in the bx,ny and have my priorities set. i am a nice guy so ive heard also too many times. i do what im supose to do but cannot live up to my expectations. yes it does drive me crazy to be a virgin because i know i am a good lover and i cannot go on a day without wanting to embrace the true beauty of the woman. i try to stay sane i really do. iv tried to ignor it, go for it, wait for it, and to except it but it is a huge distraction for me. i walk on the streets and see the most beautiful girl in the arms of the most corniest and dickheaded guy and it leaves me to ask my self; this guys can go on the streets kill god knows how many guys beat up how many guys or he can be the biggest ass whole in ny dressing in tight clothes like a girl with his pants saggin and he still gets the girl wile i watch. he can even be the most geekiest person and still a know it all asswhole and still get the girl. i begin to think im curse can somebody tell me something i dont know?

(Screen) Name: hoeluva


I have never told anyone this, but I have been in a relationship with a guy for 2 1/2 years now and have been having sex with a guy at my work. (literally at my work) HAHAHA. It is very exciting cause we are the only ones who know. We can have sex in a meeting room and ten minutes later there will be a meeting that both me and him have to go to with other co-workers and bosses. Them not knowing of course they are setting their arm on the table we just had sex on!!! LOL. Fun Stuff! WOOO HHHOOO! Finally I was able to say that somewhere!

(Screen) Name: Morganna


I dont know what to do about this. ive been falling for my boss who is 33 and i am 20. ive known him for 3 years, and i fall harder each day. he recently gave me his number and we talk constantly. we are so much alike, have so much in common. he hits on me all the time. other employee’s notice it and have said something to me about it. the work enviornment we have everyone is very close. does anybody think this is wrong? i mean, it feels so right to me. we are going to the movies tomorrow and i dont kknow if i should make a move, or let him do it. he talks about making a move but then takes it back in a smooth sort of way. im so confused on all this. i just need some feedback/advice, i think it would help alot. anyone who has something ignorant to say about it, dont waste your time.

(Screen) Name: notsowonderful

Long story…

Its a long story,…

Don’t even know how to start..start in the middle.. I just recently got back from another country like last year. I did have a bf there, yes I did love him very much, but when I came back in here. I been thinking about leaving him, I don’t know if because its long distance or maybe he wasn’t giving something i needed. We did have communication, the only time I loved him was when i get a chance to talk to him, but then I start thinking about leaving him. Thats not really the problem. It started when I started working back to where I used to work. At first I was 2nd shift, then a few weeks gone by I start working morning shifts. It was nothing at first when I meet him I came at 5 am in the morning, saw him working at the front. Me i was all around. I thought he was cute, I even thought he was younger than me. He’s that guy that jokes, funny guy. It wasn’t that week that I got to know him, it was the following week when he wanted to watch a movie, he was asking people who wanted to come. It was a saturday, I didnt know if he was joking or not. He ask me if i wanted to go with him, I said I’ll think about it ’cause I had other plans already. But I wanted to go with him, I don’t know why. What happen was I cancel my plan and went with him. It went well I even took my sister with me. He other another job, he only work weekends where I work. Then it was then, he ask me again, if he wanted to watch a movie, I said sure. But only me and him.. We did, at first I was shy that he wanted to hold my hand. Thinking about my bf back home, but eventually we started holding hands, then after the movie, we didn’t want to go home. We talked, and then he mention something like how he wanted to kiss me, im just there sitting, actually waiting for him to kiss me. Then we got to my house we sat in the car again, told me he really wanted to kiss me, it took a few mins we finally did. I did feel bad, eventually I broke up with my bf telling him a bunch of reasons why i wanted to break up with him. Thats only half of the story… We went out again.. but this time we wanted to do it.. So we went to hotel, he ask me if i was sure and I said yes im sure. So then we did, the next day it was sunday.. We were both tired, saw each other at work, just looking each other with a smile. Then he started working weekdays in the morning. After work we would go to a park just spend some time. At first I didnt know if I was in love, eventually I was. he would make time for me, to go out and just to be with me. Really the point of this story is.. he has a family. Sometimes I ask myself how do I get involve in this kind of situation. But I never regret meeting him, he just so different. Always something different with him. Since his wife started a scene at our work, there’s people that just dont mind their own business. He told his wife, we’re just friends. Even though it hurts, I told her that too. He told me he loved me, I believe him i do too. I tell him everything, he does too. No matter how I try to forget him when he argue sometimes, I can’t. He’s everything I need. Noone knows this relationship except two friends of mine. Not even my family know wats going on with me or even at work. Sometimes its so hard to keep everything inside. The bad thing about this situation is, he told me his wife is pregnant… When we’re only been a month, he does want to leave his wife he’s just concern for his little girl. Of course her, how she going to survive with payments… Now Im waiting till august till the baby comes out, if ever gets that divorce. I know there’s so many guys out there and why him? Its because he accepted me for what I am, and my past. I made mistakes in my past, even now there’s still things I need to learn. But I could never let him go, he’s willing to give up everything for me and start a new life but it won’t be easy. I don’t know if i should wait, I want too but it hurts when you want him near you but at times you can’t. Mostly everyday we spend time together, only for a little while or the whole night. he told me that his wife knows that I’m the reason for this divorce but I dont even know if that ever going to happen. The love for both of them is not there anymore. I dont like seeing him stress out, but the only time I see him happy is when im with him… Most of the time, he’s with me if not he’s at work… There’s more to this..just dont know how to explain it..

(Screen) Name: ifonlyuknew

Man I love

I am a 22 year old single mom, living with friends, and at work there is this man, he is 36, turning 37 in a few months,… Well, i don’t know what happened, but from the first time I laid my eyes on him I was totally in love, couldn’t stop thinking bout him, always finding ways to see him, and then one night he started sending me text messages, I repplied… From there it went to calling each other dailly, he says he likes me allot, but when he kisses me he doesn’t use any tongue, and I know that means that he doesn’t want to get attached, and he told me, after sleeping together, that he wants our relationship to be a total secret, cause his name is on the stake, our age difference is too big for him… does anyone know what i can do?????

(Screen) Name: mimpsie22

I’m a first timer MISTRESS…

I’ve been a good girlfriend in 6 years relationship with my boyfriend, but I just woke up and realized one that I’m cheating… I’ve been involved with a married police man which I called DAD… He’s 7 years older than me. He became my customer in my shop, that’s how I met him! Even I knew he had a family already, I didn’t think it’s a big deal coz I love him already…. I love my boyfriend too but sad to say I love my DAD too… I can’t live without him now… What will I do?

(Screen) Name: Mah of Dad.. Em!!!