His mistress

I have been a mistress for over two years now. I am married and my husband knows and my married man wife knows. Its been fun and wild sex sometimes. We spend hours in bed a day. He hardly has time for work.

Will write more later. Starting a new facebook page for fellow mistress’s called “his mistress” come join me.

(Screen) Name: his mistress

I’m a first timer MISTRESS…

I’ve been a good girlfriend in 6 years relationship with my boyfriend, but I just woke up and realized one that I’m cheating… I’ve been involved with a married police man which I called DAD… He’s 7 years older than me. He became my customer in my shop, that’s how I met him! Even I knew he had a family already, I didn’t think it’s a big deal coz I love him already…. I love my boyfriend too but sad to say I love my DAD too… I can’t live without him now… What will I do?

(Screen) Name: Mah of Dad.. Em!!!