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Finding a Fulfilling Happy Relationship (for part 1 - click here)

Hwo do you get a Happy Relationship

Attraction is naturally going to be important to you, and it should be- for no relationship can really start or survive unless both partners are genuinely attracted to each other. Attraction, however, is not enough and before you decide to jump into a relationship with a person you are strongly attracted to, you are going to make sure that he or she also has the other important qualities that you are looking for in a partner. This is why you need to take it slowly and not rush into anything, just because you feel strongly attracted to someone.

There are many cases where people jump into a relationship based mainly on attraction, with an assumption (or hope) that the person will end up having all the qualities. When time passes and the person realizes that their partner is not who they thought or hoped they were, they are already deeply involved and often look at their partners as who they wished they were, rather than who they really are- and end up stuck in an unfulfilling relationship. So the key to finding a fulfilling relationship is to never lose direction and to always remind yourself of what your real needs are, so that you do not end up in a relationship that does not meet your standards. There is a difference between compromises certain differences, and settling for a less-than-satisfying relationship. You also need to decide exactly what you are prepared to offer another person, so that you do not end up an overwhelming relationship that you were not ready for. Once you understand your real needs and the qualities you are seeking and understand your reasons for wanting to be in a relationship, you will know exactly what to look for and will not get trapped dating anyone who does not fulfill you.

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