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Kissing Lessons Tips

Learn how to kiss.

Kissing is one of the most magical and powerful lust tools to turning a person on. Below are several types of kisses for you to take note of the next time you are out with that hot date:

Wet Texturing. To make a kiss more sexy and unforgettable, be sure you give your lips a natural gloss by slightly licking them before you approach your date or partner's lips. The feeling of wetness gives a person the feeling of sexiness and lust.

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Flavoring. It is always an extra and appreciated treat if you give yourself a little flavor boost (this applies to women, of course). You can do this by selecting a lip-gloss that contains flavor, such a strawberry or cherry. Those would be the best flavors, but choose one that makes you feel the sexiest and one you feel your date or partner would be most attracted to.

Eye Contact. In order for a kiss to be lustful and magical, you must add some intensity to the moment. Before introducing your lips to the other person's lips, give yourself a moment to make eye contact with the person. This will make an official connection and will draw the two of you together. Acknowledging their lips with your eyes before you actually kiss them is also a turn on. Some people find this a hard subject....so let us help you!

Closed Gentleness. The secret to a perfect kiss is taking your time. By taking your time, it shows the other person that you are interested in exploring every little detail about them. So, never just rush into the open mouth kisses. Start with a closed mouth and gently press your lips against theirs and keep like that for a good 3 long seconds. You may then pull away, make eyes contact again and attempt a more passionate kiss.

Tongue Introduction. A great way to start up an open mouth and French kiss is by gently introducing your tongue to the person. You can do this by slowly licking their lips while doing your closed mouth kisses. They will feel the texture of your tongue and gain the comfort and confidence to introduce their tongue to you. The two of you will then find yourselves kissing with open mouths.

Sexy Bites. You can make your kiss extra seductive by giving your partner's lips a little bite, just a gentle one, preferably on the bottom lip. Do not get carried away with it, but give it a try and see how he or she responds to it.

Exploring beyond the lips. Though the lips are the best place to kiss someone, especially at first, it is not the only place. There are several places you can kiss and turn someone on. The neck, for example is a wonderful place to kiss and seduce someone. Kissing and nibbling on the ears is also considered a big turn on. As you explore, you will learn which places your partner enjoys being kissed on the most, by observing their reaction.

Closed eyes/Open eyes. Everyone has his or her own style when it comes to kissing. Some enjoy keeping their eyes open, while others like keeping their eyes closed. Do what makes you feel most secure, but also make an effort to see how your partner feels most comfortable as well.

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