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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 1

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love is just another form of suicide.
love is extremely addicting, once the first taste is taken then soon leaves the pallete, it isnt long before you are craving another taste.
Love is taken to quickly, one becomes obsessed and then it seems as if it is just like the miracle loves of the theater. In truth, love is a living breathing thing that must be constantly worked with. The presence of jealousy is the only thing that can truely break the hold on true love, in jealousy there is only love for oneself, not for both
She may have a pretty face, but when im with you everything tunes out and all i care about is seeing you happy
Honey, if U think I miss U all the time, U R wrong. I miss U only when I think of U. And U know what? I think of all the time.
if i could rearange the key bored i would put "you and me" beside each other
I'm in love with you, but you belong to someone else. I will wait for you forever.
i can still remember the the when i first saw you outside the school waiting for a cab with your best friend in that day i never forget you....your the only person make my heart beating fast every time i saw you.
I would wait forever if I knew that when forever ends I would be with you.
A relationship is like a rose, How long it lasts...no one knows,Love can raise an Awful past,Love can be yours ,you'll see at last, to feel that love, it makes you sign,to have it leave,you'd rather die,you hope you've found that special rose, cause you love and care for the one you chose
if i had to choose to love you or to breathe i would use my last breathe to say i love you.
luv is like a war, easy to begin, but hard to end.
Pick the pieces off the floor,I don't want them anymore because I didn't break it,I just made every girls mistake.
you're, my friend
my companion
through good times and bad
through happy and sad
beside me you walk
beside me you stand
you're there to listen
you're there to talk
with happiness, with smiles
with pain and tears
i know you'll be there
through all of my years
we leap hoping to god we can fly cos otherwise we drop like a rock wandering all the way down , why in hell did i jump? but here i am ____ falling in love with you!
love is like a fine wine sweet at first and bitter in the end
all your promise's were lies
you Promised Me that You Would Never Leave Me,
The Next Day You Left Me
You Promised Me That You Would Never Hurt Me Again,
Then, You Hurt Me More Than Ever
You Promised Me That You Would Always Love Me No Matter What, Now You Wont Even Talk To Me
Baby Pretty Much Every Word That Came Of Of Your Mouth Was A Liee

-By__Meghan Nicole Murcott
-Dedicated To__Maxwell Blake Garland
"When you dream with a broken heart.. Waking up is the hardest part.." John Mayer Jessie

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