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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 18

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When you have one good day, its a warning, telling you that alot more than just one bad day is coming

If you love me you would be willing to do anything for me.
Ever Sense I kissed You The Butterflys Wont Stop Asking To fly again
love is like a disease you can either be cured and never love again or you can just go along 4 the ride
love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a river of tears.
I may not admit, how important you are
I may not think, at night i'm dreaming of you
My mind may not clear, but
I hope you'll listen to what my heart says

I'm a slve but it doesn't show
I admit, I am numb sometimes
I hope you heared my heart saying
" In your arms I feel so secure"

I don't want anybodyelse
In your arms, I'll never let go
Whatever you said, expect me to listen

Even though were like cats and dogs sometimes
My dear in your arms I'm happy
I may hardly catch the stars above
Just to hold you tight forever and ever...

Every time my heart would break,
There you were to stop my heartache.
Every time you'd appear at my door, I'd think to myself how can I not adore.
For all I knew you didn't care,
I would just have a blank cold stare.
I just want you to know,
I really did love you so.
f ur not d one ,then y does my hearth feel glad today..
i may not be everything you ever wanted but i'll die trying to be everything you ever needed.
no mater how long it takes i will always be here and i will always love you
You know you are in love when the hardest thing to do is say "GOOD BYE".
im stuck in the middle of a thought but yet so close to a dream with you in my arms!
i love you not because you can love me back but simply because i love you and i'll always love you as long as i live and that has made all the difference
Billions of money,but love is one.. ;)
Sometimes I like to think about the first time I looked into your eyes and saw my future there.
Never was anything so wonderful as when I caught you looking at me while I was unaware
never frown because you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile
when i hold your hands, i feel the warm. when i hug you, i feel the hotness. three words i love you
all i met from you is goin in the ocean but im not living all the butifull mollming being!
my biggest mistake was making you my everything cuz when u left i had absolutley nothing...

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