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Love and Admire Quotes - Part 21

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dont love me like a flower because flower die on summer but lov me like a river because river flows forever...
One of the biggest forms of flattery is knowing that just by being your normal, wonderful self, you make someone fall in love!
if i die tonight,i'll go with on regrets coz in your eyes,the last thing that i will see are the pains and the joy we shared together coz every moment we shared together is even better than the moment before and if that day was tommorrow,than i cant wait till tommorrow comes.i'm missing you even though your right here by my side but even thogh your right here beside me,i can feel the distance growing wider than before but if your hearts not in it for real than please dont try to fake what you dont feel coz if your love is already gone,it's not fair to lead me on coz i would give the whole world for you,anything you ask of me i'll do,but i wont ask you to stay,i'll rather walk away if your hearts not in it.you say that you love me but deep down your just saying the words,im so afraid that you'll say its over coz it's the last thing that i'll ever wanna hear.
"Love yourself before you love others is how you persevere through life, you come out of this world alone, make the best out of every minute."
Love is like a rosary full of mysteries
You have crayons? Because you gave color to my life.
Being with you is like being in heaven
Personality the watch word
distance makes the heart grow fonder
If your asking if I need you the answer is forever. If your asking if i'll leave you the answer is never. If your asking what I value the answer is YOU. If your asking if I love you the answer is I DO.
Love sometimes make me cry and laugh but mostly love is hurts...
If loving you is a crime, i rather be jailed for a life time .
you dont fall in love,you walk into it.love can change a person i walked into my love at school and a instant knowing that were ment to be
i fell asleep with my headphones in last night, listenin to the song that reminds me of you.
love iz painfull...every second ,minutes,hours,days im thinking of u without stoping...i wan u to realize me....i lost my self after i saw u...oh...i madly love u....
thisman I have he say he love me
If u love someone dont put their name in a heart, but put it in a circle. A heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever!
you know your in love when you cant fall asleep because reality is finally better than dreaming
I'll love him more tomorrow, more than I loved him today.
If someday you'll be down, If someday he will dump you, if someday your friends will not love you... Remember I will stay beside you and love you forever....

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