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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 22

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i love u,i always will,and i always have,i'll never stop,because u cant make me,nobody can,u can tell me u hate me,but i'll still love u,u can tell me u never want to see me again, but i'll still love u,u can tell me im ugly,but i'll still love u,u can tell me im stupid or a stupid blonde,i'll kick u but,i'll still love u,u can break my heart,but i still love u,u can hit me,but i'll still love u,u can kill me but ill still love u forever and always,ur in my heart and u'll never come out, i still love u austin! LOVE Emma Nicole Mull
tiara i love u ur like my bestest sista eva so i made this quote to u about the jerk that broke ur heart! u broke my heart,but i still love u deep down.i do love u but i dont want to admit it.no madder how many times u break my heart ill still love u deep in my heart.u cant tell me i dont love u wen i really do.u go behind my back for my best friend and now ur together,so my heart is more torn.u must love to watch me suffer so much pain even tho u loved me before her.u and i wer once friends then we become bf and gf.it was great until that day u told me im breakin up with u cuz in my mind it felt like u wer sayin good bye i dont love u anymore i love someone else and she is better than u any way possible.it made me so sad that it made me fall to the ground in tears for everyone to see.i dont blame her i blame u,because she didnt break my heart that was all u.it was like ur big plan to break my heart for someone else wen i thot u loved me.wen it felt like it was just a joke.-emma mull. for ryan and tiara. ryan im glad u hav someonee but it wasnt rite to break tiaras heart!
i miss u. i miss the time we spent.i miss the day i heard u liked me.i miss lookin at ur lips and wanting to kiss them.i miss the day i went up to ur table at school last year to tell u liked u wen u looked in my eyes then i fell in love even more and then i got nervouse.i miss the time u told me im the cutest girl in school.i miss the day that i was first all yours.i miss that time that u wer my lover and i was urs.i miss us.iv never felt like this with anyone else.it so weird how im in love with u but ur so differnt everyone says ur a jerk,everyone thinks ur not the one for me.they said we werent meant to be.that we couldnt be in love.but u kno wat screw ther opinions! .i miss u!I LOVE U AUSTIN DIONNE!!!-emma.austin i really love u i do i do i do.heres one for u sis that was for me this ones for u.i miss our friendship.i missed the day my my friends asked u out.i miss wen u said yes.i miss the day u told me im urs.i miss the kissed we wud hav.i miss u.i even miss the way u wud flirt with my friend by kickin her in the butt.but its all over now because ur not mine anymore.I love u ryan.tiara says this[the i love u part] not me ok.
this is for u tiara.ryan u broke my heart.now ur datin my friend chy.and u just expect me to be alrite.well its not alright.ok its just not!u left me standin ther i watched u and u watched me i saw u ask her out i heard rite from ur lips.u told me that u loved me wen now i kno u really didnt.soon ill see u kiss.but it hurts to see u with my frind and it hurts to see my friend with the one i love.ur such a jerk u hurt me.u basically just left me standin ther in the rain..u wer nothing until i came around and asked if ud be mine.u said we wer meant to be.u made me and my sista emma fall to the ground in tears.then evry1 comes around and watches.i regret the day i took ur hand wen i was fallin i shud hav just wited for someone else.ther was no point of u.u caught me like a bug then smashed it. just like wat u did with my heart. UR A BIG JERK RYAN!!! -emma mull
i hate u i.ur a jerk that left my heart in 2.u really loved me but u decide to leave me there in the cold rain while its thundering and lightning out.i hate how left me there to get shocked.that day at school wen u told me im breakin up with u.it just felt like u wer sayin l8er that was fun i guess but i found someone else,ur useless now,ur no good.so good bye i do not love u any more.then u left me.and then i fell,fell right to the cold cold ground in tears wen u kne i loved u.u wer my everything.but u hurt me because ur a jerk.i hate u so much.i remember the day u gave me that lil love not askin me out and i said ok. it felt like i was on the edge of a cliff hangin on for my life and then u came around.and said here take my hand and so i did.then we fell in love.i shud hav let my self hangin there.and waited for someone else.evem tho i love u.but now i hate u. but heres y i took ur hand..i love the way u look at me and u try to pretend u dont.i love the lil secret u hav inside ur mind that u still like me.i love ur eyes,everytime i look in them it makes me fall to the ground and melt into a big puddle of i love u ness.i really miss the time we shared i really do.i love ur smile,i love wenevr u move them.i love the way it makes me wanna just kiss ur lips and never stop.i love the way u make me love u.i loved the day i took ur hand.and now i am really gald.i wish u wudnt hav broke my heart.but i love u.and the best part is i only love u for u because u r the one that makes me love u.but i love u more than i hate u so if its in percent:hate 2%,love 98%!!!I LOVE U AUSTIN DIONNE AND ILL NEVER EVER STOP!!!-Emma
wen u left me it felt like my life was over i wanted to jump in front of the train.i wanted to kill my self.now i cut my self i hope ur happy because i am.wenev i cut myself i thot of u.now wenevr i cut myself i dont feel any pain wat so ever.so ther is no point for the knife anymore.so kno its time to take another step.another step farther.o wow look at that hottie over ther.the hottie comes to u and says r u ok.i see ur wrists r cut.let me help u heel them.he takes ur wrists and covers them in bandages.and tell u not to cut urself any more.he tells u that ur beautiful and looks in ur eyes and says u have really nice ones.he asks u out and says its ok if u say kno since its kinda soon.u say yes.then he tells u i love u.then u say it bac.u look into eachothers eyes and then u have the sweetest kiss.
love me for what i am coz im not a girl you can play..cee_kaye69
love is you heart bcuz once you lose it u'll die
i wish you would start to think of US instead of just YOU and ME:(
everytime i c u with her i die a little on the inside:(
love is not a noun to be define but a verb to be acted upon.
don't expect love from others just love them
you are my EVERYTHING and yet i am your NOTHING..

love the LORD your GOD,with all your & soul this is the first & the greatest commandments......
love the lord your god...
LOVE is POWERFUL...it can HURT...it can HELP!
she's/he's the only one that keeps my heart beating, the only one that keeps me breathing.
What is it that hurts us the most? The thought of having to say goodbye.
if kisses where water id give you the sea; if hugs where leaves id give you trees; if love was time id give you eternity... --nikki--

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