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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 35

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i love you more today then i did yesturday and i'll love you more tomorrow then i did today
you remind me of a star..you shine so bright..but even though i can't always see you i know your there with me through the day and through the night.
someone ask me!!! "how recently breakup did u leave her or she left u??"
with a deep breath I replied "Love left us…" :-(
((Atul... to Nidhi...)
If I can be anything in your body, i would be your tears cuz they are concieved from your heart born in your eyez, live on your cheeks and die on your lips
love is like the honey so warm. love is like all the world loving me . love is like me and u caring abt each other. miss u babe
if i was your tear i'd be scared for u to cry bc i dont want to loose you
Love isnt about finding the right person, but making a right relationship
Waiting for you is like waiting for an eclips, it will come sooner or later but you're likely to miss it when it does.
"All I want is you, but all you want is Her."
you would never think you could love a guy so much... but my love for someone is amahzing hes so indescribable its like describing water IMPOSSIBLE right? well ur the 100% reason i wake up in the morning sometimes i feel like taking his hand and never letting go i want to be the girl he gives his hoodie to wear && cuddles up next to when hes cold, he'll be the one who comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist catches me off guard and whispers you look beautiful i cant breath without you because i love you i only dream of you because i can only think you your my reality my only truth i should tell the world you are my universe my life my everything
God Made YOU Then He Made ME Then He Whispered Meant TO be...
if i had a flower for every time i thought of you, i would be picking flowers forever!
if he doesn't love you as much as you do, he's not worth it!
Ilove not only the way he acts;
But the way I am when with him.
He makes me who I am.
love come to us unexpectedly..
maybe it comes infront of us or in back of us..
that's why we never notice it even if it is in our side...

"If you fall in love with someone you dont belong to yourself anymore"
I ran up the door. And shut the stairs. Said my pajamas. and put on my prayers. Turned off the bed. And hopped into the light. All because you kissed me goodnight.
I reached the "L", I stretched the "O", I stole the "V", I run after the "E", but it was faster than me. It went to u when u catched it u threw them all not knowing that my heart was thrown before
how do i kno if u love me if u dont even show it?how do u kno if i love u...bcuz i do show it.im the type of person who would run in front of a train to save u.if u dont want to hurt me by sayin u love me dont say u love me unless u really mean it.unless it feels right!dont say i love u when all u really mean is:ok i'm going to say i love u so i can do watvr i want.so i can kiss u and go behind ur back to cheat on u.dont say the words "i love u"when all u really mean is:i'am goin to say i luv u so i can hurt u.so i can squish u like a little lady bug.only say "i love u" when u really mean:im goin to say i love u so i can hold u tight and never let go.only say "i love you" when u really mean "i will kiss u sweetly so u will know you are sweet." only say "i love you" when u mean:i say this bcuz ur the best damn thing thats ever happend to me.ur like a ciggerate something people cant get enough of!" dont say "ur pretty" when all you mean is "i'll tell u ur pretty so u'll u think that and wont complain that ur not even though ur right!" only say"ur pretty" when all u really mean is u most certainly are not pretty!!!....ur gorgeous!!! dont say "r cute" when u really mean:"ur okay...not cute but uhh yeah um uh huh." only say "ur cute" when u mean:"baby i cant say ur cute cuz ur always too cute!" dont say "ur beautful" when u really mean: "ick!look in a mirror!maybe if u look in a mirror u will see what the hell is wrong with u!" only say "ur beautiful" when u mean ur not beautiful darling ur god damn SEXY!" never say "i need u" when u mean:"i want u so i can look cool or make that hot girl mad." only say "i need u" when u mean:" babe i need u in my life!ur the reason i wake up every morning and wonder what will happen! ur so damn gorgeous that anyone would love to be with u! i must be the luckiest man on earth cuz sweetyheart nothing in this world cud stop me from loving u and only u!I LOVE YOU!"
i feel like im on another palent when im with you. for your eyes are like my moon and your smile brightens my day. ( my boyfriend said this too me)

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