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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love and Admire Quotes - Part 40

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"I left everything I have..I travel across the ocean..To meet my destiny..And to be with in the arms-of the man I LOVE.."
I Want a guy who wears baseball hats & lets me wear them too. who gives me his t-shirt to change into & not expect to get it back. who can wrestle with me. who i can talk to about anything, who laughs at my jokes. a boy who puts my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets. who lets me use his sweatshirt for a pillow. who buys me 25 cent rings & sticky hands. who says i love you & means it. who will kiss me in the rain, in the sunshine & in the snow. who calls unexpectedly. who i will have many inside jokes with & he remembers each one. a boy who notices my haircuts. who realizes that girls say things but dont always mean them. who i can go swimming with on hot days. who can tell me his problems and let me help. who will listen to me talk about the new nail polish i got. who will let me try to beat him up when i get angry. who writes me letters & slips them gently into my locker slot. a boy with deep eyes, that can see through faces into depths. who knows my favorite color, song, car, vegetable, perfume & the color of my toothbrush. a boy who will shake my dads hand & look my mother in the eye. who will call me by my full name first, middle & last. a boy who will kiss me & tell me im beautiful. a boy who will let me cry to him. who will squeeze my hips just right. A Guy Who Is Simply MINE!
when you are in love you cant fall a sleep becouse reality is better than ur dreams
" don't be too kind i might like you, don't be too sweet i might fall, it's hard for me to love you, when you won't love me after all "
" never love me the way you want, but rather the way i want"...sweetkykes
do you know that i love you?
i propably already told you, but
im going to keep saying it.
there is no lies in these words,
not one bit.
your smile keeps me
alive.is one more reason to keep
fighting.i would give you my soul
for comfort, even if it leaves me
dark and cold. && when i hold
you close;i can feel your heart
beat fast, and i think to myself...
i've found that "someone" at last.
Your love filled my heart up 2 much and it broke..
love is like a rosary that is full of mystery
.you will not always get what you want but you will definitely get what you deserve..
"You know you've had love when you're heart is missing. You know you've lost love when the hole where are heart shud b is still there." -Megz
Take Me Back
Please listen to me
I’m on my knees
I guess I couldn’t see
That you were always there for me
You mean the world to me
Like a gasp of air when I cannot breath
Every time I see you I feel my heart melt
I want you to be mine
And we’ll make it thru the hard times
I miss laying on your chest and feeling your heartbeat
I need you so much
I don’t want some else’s touch
I’m in love, Can’t you see?
I now know the best things in life are free
I try to fight back the tears that come running down my cheeks
Just take me back
And I promise you’ll see us live till eternity. . .
my eyes could see you
my heart could sense you
i knew that i loved you
before i met youo !!
I love you just the way you are,don't think that I'm only using you,just to play with you..
Love should not come in an attraction..,
I will never be the girl of your dreams,I'm never gonna be the girl who you will say I love you , but one thing that I'm always going to be, is the girl that behind your back muttered I love you too.
I try to forget him but I couldn't. I try to free my heart from hatred but deep inside I was dying(from red scorpion)
how i wish i forget him, but how?
"Love is when you care for someone so much that they are the last person you think about and the first person you cant stop thinking about when you wake up. Knowing that they are your love, your life, and your everything and that with each passing day your heart grows even bigger so that you have room to love them even more"
I love, Miami, NYC and Las Vegas, but the one I prefer is you...

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