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Love and Admire Quotes - Part 67

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You know you truly love someone, when you don't have the courage to express it.
When first time i met you,i never feel anything through my heart..but after,i started talked to you,everyday i'm loving..there are no limitation for my love for you..i don't know whether you understand this or not...i can't live without you...sometimes,i feel that you too love me...but,sometimes i feel like you don't love me..which is true?nevermine,whatever happen also,i'm still in love with you...i know you will understand about my love one day...
i love you more than nasa loves space
your eyes my window.your soul thy my dreams, your heart my prosperity, your face my desire.your body my dignity and rest my soul.
i love the way u lie
"I will send you a postcard from my heart wishing you were here...i miss you"
"It takes a second to say i love you, but it takes a life time to show it!"
The knowledge of life is love,i learn how to honour its coming with all my heart
love is like a chemical reaction, you I R R E P L A C A B L E
What really makes me a brave man is haven loved you.
ஜ I might not get to see you as often as I'd like, I may not get to hold you in my arms at night, but deep in my heart I know that it's true. No matter what happens... I will always love you.

I love you so much!
asif baig 03457836683
the shortest word is "i".the sweetest word i know is "love" and the person i never forgot is "you".
i have waited for an eternity for your love to cross my path, and now you seem to go faraway, nevertheless, you still will be in my HEART forever.......maimi.
the heart of mine is like an egg the same way is trust and love in all in one and i give you mine,hold it and treasure it. when you let it fall, it will break and it cannot be part together again, so i hope you will treasure it and protect it with your life all you can.
you don't love someone because of beauty,you love them because they sing a song that only you can understand....
what ever you say,, what ever you do,, you'll never change my mind,, I wil always love you!!xxxxx"Chloe Davis"
the day i first saw you i just new we would be together forever
when we look eye to eye i see everything ..

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