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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote Beauty Quotes - Part 2

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Im so scared that the way i feel is writin all over my face, when u walk into the room i wanna find a hiding place,do i lie are tell the thruth its so complicated!!!!!
did it hurt when you fell down from heaven...
The reason God put spaces between your fingers is so that someone else can fill them up!
if i could say a word out of this world that could discribe your unique beauty i will say ___________.
♥Love is like a ROSE it blossoms and grows&herats;
Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get--only with what you are expecting to give--which is everything.."
If I wanted to describe you,
To the blue sky of love
You would like the softness of spring.

If I wanted to compliment you,
To the body of a thirsty rainforest
You would be like a drop of rain.
Love is like a tropical waterfall I want it all over me!
roses are red...violets are blue...it aint my fault im cuter than you!!!
love is beautiful. no other words can describe it.
it is a steaming flock of grace. it burns inside.
with passion of one day, u will hope to find it.
it is a beautiful. a powering gift from god.
Your Siting Outside
in that green grass
all you could see then
is this guy
the guy you've been waitingg for
but you still dont even know it
he looks at you
smiles and leaves
you keep
your eyes straight at him he
looks back
you smile
&&think to yourself
hes the one,
the one i've been looking for
i walk straight to were
he is
you say hey
he doesnt say anything
but then you feel
like he doesnt care,
but when your just truning around to leave
he holds you by the hand&&
kisses you out of no were
then he ask you
is that want you were waiting for?
True love is blind,but your heart will guide you the right way.
God must have taken his time creating you......because he made you perfect. - Rajs
you look like the summers day your handsomeness shines through you realy are so handsome i cant stay away from you
i bet there are millions of girls that cry on their pillows every night wishing they were as beautiful as you :]
angels are send to beautiful people such as yourself!!!
love is when u miss him before he is even gone. when u could listen to him talk all night and never get bored of his voice. when tha sound of his voice sends chills down ur spine and u see his smile the second u close ur eyes.
"If I die tonight I go with no regrets, if it's in your arms I know I've been blessed and if your eyes are the last thing I see I know the beauty heaven holds for me."
If you could look through my eyes, and see what I see, you would realize why I love you.
love is always patient and kind it is never jealous love is never boastful nor conceded it is never rude or selfish it does not take offense and it is not resentful love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins but delights in the truth it is always ready to excuse to trust and to hope and to endure whatever comes...

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