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Love Quote Forgiving Quotes - Part 5

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reaching out for you is like reaching out for a star, you'll know that you cant reach it but yet you keep trying.
why is it so difficult to have your love back? Because i never had it in the first place. You never did see the real me when you said you "love" me. You were in love with "love", with the "magic" that you felt, you loved the "moment" but not the morrow, you loved the "sparkle in my eyes" but not the gloominess in it, you loved the "woman" but not the little child in me, you loved it when i "laugh" but you never heard the sadness in it, you loved so many things about me that were apparently there, but not the things that were lying beneath the very heart of me. I loved you more than you could ever know, and i know you've felt it, that is why you cannot come back, because you cannot love someone whose love is beyond your comprehension. why i cannot let you go? Because i love you, then, till now, may be till tomorrow.
if you'll ask me y I love him?.i cud say no more than b'coz HE was HE and I was I..d hardest thing to accept is the reality that u cudn't have the 1 u love most. That there is just no hope 4 you being together..
u can 4give the person who hurts u but u can't forget the times that u are happy 2geder.------~*~mel-mel~*~
never try to kip a promise with someone if you can't make it its better to say gudbye ad make me cry than to make me believe with our lies
its easy to play with love, so easy to fool someone, so easy to make someone cry, but its so hard if you're the one who was played, fooled, hurt and the one who cried.....
find the one that is worth your pain.
"love is an act of endless forgiveness"
If you love someone set them free, if they come back they were meant to be.
girl says "you'd give up everything for me, just like that?"
guy says "in a heartbeat"
:(:(: Ammar love Alya :(:(:(:(:
Philosphers says:::::: ....a person cry when smthing hurting or bugging him/her n the easiest way to b in rest .is that go away from that person or through him/her out from ur life....but iam changing there philosphy ::MY mind n my love ALYA says that a person cry for some1 cuz he/she missing her/him n...to throughing them out of thier life or go away from him/her ..is nt any way ...they cry cuz they love thier lovers n a person love thats why he/she miss them but philosphers can't understand the condition of loving hearts so me (AMMAR) wants to say u all that love ur lovers never leave them at any cost if some1 try to snacht him/her from u....go head u hve the rights..to snacht him/her from the world:::A peotry for all the philosphers who r thiking this::DNT DO LOVE some1 its nt in ur limit cuz u dnt've the heart that loves::
(people i know my english is nt good but i try )
"for my momsei I LOVE YOU SO MUCH please forgive mi for what I've done to you"
"You said you loved me, but then you broke up with me i'm guessing you must not know the meaning of love so when you figure it out let me know because i love you and i always will"
My heart forgives so does my soul but my love for you is forever gone
How can leaving him be the best for me when he is the best thing that had ever happened in my life?
No matter how good or bad a person ma ybe, we all still share one thing in life, and that is a heart to love.
I love you, I forgive you, but that doesn't mean I'll forget you
lovee is just like a bird comee and a bird go flyy !!
i dropped a tear in the ocean today, and when i find it i will stop loving you
" I think about u every day and night. I just can�t get you out my head, I told you everything which u needed to know. Now I am waiting for you to come back to me. The next thing I know I open my door and you will b there.hug me and I knew it was love"

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