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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 13

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The more you can cherish and love, the more happiness you can discover and share.
I am now completely certain that i love you, because last night when i prayed i told god that if somebody had to be hurt, let it be me and not him
i never believed in the word perfect, because i always thought that no-one and nothing could be absolutely perfect and have no faults, but then i met you and fell in-love with you and now the only way i can descripe you is as perfect, to me you are perfect, you look perfect, for me your perfect, your everything i ever dreamed of and wished for so this is why i will now use this word cos i cant find any other word that could possiably come close to you!
the only reason i follow my heart is because my heart follows you
I was caunting the stars and giving each one a reason why i loved you,i was doin great until i ran out of star...
Everyday is like Christmas, when you are in love.
you know your in love when you cant go to sleep because reality is far better than any of your dreams
when you feel love your not that afraid to dream that much because for once reality is better than your dreams
In a room full of darkness, you are my spark of light that would keep me going
I've kissed a lot of frogs.
If Love Was A Dreamm..... I Would Neva Wana Wakee (L),, xxx
Never leave the one you Love, For the one you like, because the one you like will leave you for the one they Love
Love is when you bang your boyfriend for ten hours straight.
phul ramro gulav kanda bhaye pani,maya ta banchhi rahos hami tadha bhaye pani.
love is something you feel not only physically but mentally when you feel that he or she is the reason your heart never skips a beat when you feel you will die for them...love is love when you have someone to share it with!!!!
i can love with person but i just ideal
When someone is hurt, they'll ask for a band-aid, if somebody breaks something, they'll ask for glue, if you rip cloth, you would ask for a sewing kit, but when it comes to broken hearts the only thing I'll ask for is you
Never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love
True love can only be found, by those who truly believe it exists.

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