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Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 15

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If I Could Re-Write The Alphabet I Would Put U And I Together :)
you are my world :) ill love you now..always..nd forever
The best thing about you is me and the best thing about me is you.
let me start off by saying i obviously think your an amazing friend. but ive been keeping something from both you and gideon for a long time. For a while ive felt a very strong way about you. i couldnt figure out what it was. but i told myself i couldnt like you. not in the way i thought i did. so i forced myself to belive i loved you in a brother way. but i couldnt lie to myself like that. theres things about you i wouldnt even see in my brother. Like the way your eyes have a twinkle in them when the light hits. or your smile makes the rest of your face glow. or how everytime you speak to me i choke on words. And how your smile makes me go weak and get chills all over. when you say my name i get butterflies in my stomach and you fill my life with happiness. this is the hardest thing ive ever had to say. especially knowing you dont feel the same way back. but i guess now it doesnt matter. so here it goes......I think im in love with you.
Love is as much of an object as an obsession, everybody wants it, everybody seeks it, but few ever achieve it, those who do will cherish it, be lost in it, and among all, never... never forget it.
My heart isn't full, until i have you ocked up in it.
i love you just like i love a box of chocolates.. i never know what im gonna get.. lol jk i know its cream filled ;)
When you are lucky enough to find the true someone who will love you more and more as time goes by, never let them go, because that special someone will know you better than anyone else, that special someone will help you through the pain and loss you will ever be forced to endure upon.
Love is unexplainable, there is no actual definition of love.
just because you say you love someone don't actually mean you love them, because words don't mean nothing, To prove you actually love them you have to do things showing you care for them, an example Let them do whatever they want to do even if it hurts you, if you love them you will grow out of the hurt and everything will just fall in place..where it's supposed to be.
if they say there going to catch up on sometime with a old pal even if it's the opposite sex of them or no matter if it's there ex partner, you have to let them.. you will get this feeling in your heart like it is just cracking because you think that she/he are going to begin to fall for them again, some people might call that "Jealousy" it aint it's "Caring" for the person that you love.
But if your partner decides to take that path then just let them leave.. i know you may think that is the stupid thing you could do... but it aint, as matter of fact that would be the smartest because if your partner can just get up and leave you like that.. He/She obviously don't love you therefore it's not meant to be don't get upset because she is obviously not the one.. just keep looking keep your head up.
Because some point in life you will find the right person that loves you and you love them and then you live the rest of your life together, and if you were upset over that other partner.. you just wasted happiness even if it was a minute of happiness or a year, you wasted happiness the best thing in the world, because the key into a strong relationship is happiness.
Happieness is the key to life. Angar, pain and sadness are necessary to balence that happieness
He is my ex kids are my future but you are forever
Don't let go of someone you love.
when i am with you a smile is something that i want to run from bc when i smile i know i am so deeply in love with you.
"When fantasy becomes reality it doesn't feel real at all, it just feels like a dream. I really hope I don't wake up to find that it has been all along"
Your presence in my heat makes me believe something beyond heaven really exists -Jose Sanchez
if someone says im coldhearted,im cold because youre not here and i have no heart because you have it
i love u like u more than chocolates..
love is nothing much more than what you are,what you do, not only for those near you but to all around you.
my love my life,my life my love when there is care thereis love
the most amazing thing that has ever happend in my life is you :) i couldnt ask for anything better and i love you you are my baby my bestfriend and my boyfriend your amazing and i love you for you i dont care if theres money i dont care bout anything but you and only you :)

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