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Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 20

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Love gives you the feeling of belonging and make you feel cherished. You cannot bribe it neither coax it. It's like a butterfly, if you go running to it-it will run away. But when you're calm and down, it will come running to you. S(M)^2
A passionate kiss is a form of expression that is meant to embody the souls of two people into a symbolic expression of love.
A passionate kiss is a form of expression that is meant to embody the souls of two people into a symbolic expression of love. By Sherril Lee Griffin
i love a girl lot .i tall her that i love her . She also acpet my proposal . But after this she become so sad why i dont know i will aske her about it but she not tall any thing
youare the best thing that i have ever seen south of the sahara nouth of river limpopo
I love you more than everything
I remember the first time you told me you loved me and I paused with no response, just to hear you say it again.
"Change your thoughts focus and you change your life quality." - Maat Ihapi
"Any happiness you feel you've got to find yourself." - Maat Ihapi
"Some pursuits the happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their hands." - Maat Ihapi
"Happiness doesn't depend on external conditions, thoughts focus is the key to happiness." - Maat Ihapi
"If you aren't happy in this place, you probably won't be happy in anyplace." - Maat Ihapi
Calen evey time u read this u will always think of ashlie
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times when you remember to turn on the light"
When you like someone and you know why or how, it's called a Crush. But when you like someone and you don't know why or how, it's called Love..
" i love you so much, i cant describe in words, because you are my everything and you'll always will be" love you babeey!
You && I will be together forever till the end of time, I promise ill never let you go now that i know you love me.
I never thought that someone like you would walk into my life,
Meeting you was the best thing that ever happend to me,
As time passes by I often caught myself smiling thinking about you,
You have made my life so beautiful with a lot of sweet, funny and romantic memories

One year back I remember walking in the mall with my sister, we came up meeting some of her school friends. So we decided to chill with them for a while, then one of my sister friend came up to me and said "You should go talk to that guy, he think's you're cute" And i was being shy , i didn't want to go talk to him but he was so determining for me to go talk to him, and my sis was like "Yea Latch you should" finally i took one step ahead and decided to go and say hi . After having alittle conversation with him, my sister's friend was like we should stay back to watch a movie. So we stayed back, and making our way into the movie theatre, we walked along each other talking, and we end up sitting together in the move theatre, While talking to him i realized something, I realized that i was falling in love with him, and this is the guy i've been looking for all my life. My heart start beating faster as the feelings get to me, my hands were getting cold, my feet were shaking i can feel the nervousness getting to me. I kept looking at him all the time, and when he looks at me i looked away, I was so nervous and scared i grabbed on to his hands. It was getting late and so i had to leave even though i didn't want to. I thought that i would never see him or hear from him ever again, he walked me home, while walking home i felt like i was letting go of something i wanted for a lifetime, but by the time i got home and went on facebook he requested me, I was so happy, i couldn't stop smiling, i spend hours talking to him, not feeling tired or sleepy, all i wanted was to keep talking and talking to let him know how i felt but i was too scared to let him know how i felt about him, mostly i was scared that he wouldn't accept me for who i am. A few days went by and i still stayed up hours talking to him. It was November 8, 2010, i was waiting for him to go online, i waited and waited, but he never showed up online, i began getting worried, after a while i started having a conversation with one of his friends asking about him, and the friend told me he was going to be on in a few minutes, so i continued waiting, then he came on, we started talking , and i started expressing my feelings to him, and then i said "I LOVE YOU" And he replied by sayinq "I LOVE YOU TOO BABE", at that moment i was so happy, i started smiling and crying at the same time cause it was the best thing that ever happen in my life. Today it's our One (1) Year Anniversary, and all i want to say is "HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABY" You're everything i ever wanted in life, and having you in my life makes me so happy. I Love you baby ♥ ♥.. 11/08/10 ♥ ♥ Mustaq Hoosain & Latchmi Hoosain Love Forever && Always ♥ ♥
you should live your life like it's the seond time round
Don't be sad when someone is gone, because they arn't really gone. They are with you through thoughts, memories, and most of all love. So instead of being sad that they are gone, be happy you got a chance to spend time and make those memories with them.

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