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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 22

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now i know how it feels;finding love was finding you !
Love is ???
look into my eyes n al ur ques wil b answrd .. my love
Am so into u!
Never mean 2 hurt u, if I say u make me want 2 sing u will soon know wat I mean.
D love of my life, u came in2 my life & u froze my Heart like ice-water.
U melt away my pains wen u gave me ur name. 4 all d crazy things dat life brings, u were there in time of need, dat's why I will ride 4 u.
4 nobody else but u alone....
i love you
When its night, I can see that moon shining above me like my heart shines after your reflection hits on it. - BladEra123
roses are red violets are blue why cant you see i love you love me back i dont bite i am distracted by you,re shinning light im very sad that you cant see i love you to much for you to believe i would say hey you would say whats up we are to different pepole but we are the exact same age love till the end i know i love you with all my heart take me now or we,ll be forever apart.
Love is like a smile as much as u feel as much as it increased
love is pain, love is challenge
love breaks you , love is whoever you give your heart to
he felt my tears on his strong chest as he hugged me for the first time,he looks into my eyes ans asks "why is my life crying?" and I reply "I love you Brett...I have loved you so much for so long...and now that you love me...now that you are mine, be with me till the day I die " I say with teary eyes,to which he replies,"I know how much you love me nayesha,I have seen it in your eyes since the day we met and you mean the world to me...where would I go leaving my world ? " and he hugs me even tighter :)
Love is you and me together..!!
i love people that love me so much true love is the best in life now nothing hes.and it is very good to be avry good person.
"When you smile..my whole body smiles back at you."
i love you
you mite think im crazy the truth is im crazy over you i love you.
hi cany bare love you
i could say "i love you" in so many languages , but it will never amount to me saying "I LOVE YOU" under 1 breath.
When I'm crying u make me laugh when I'm sad u make me smile when u hurt me I love you is how u fix me
pyar kya hai
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

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