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Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 24

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You're a beautiful woman, yes you are even more beautiful then the brightest star
I wish I may and wish i might
to forever in my arms, hold you tight
My head said, "Wait! There are red flags everywhere!" My heart said, "I cannot live without him!" My soul said, "But I loved him before we were born and I came here to find him...and here he is." ~Lori Chidori Phillips
one who loves truly never loose entierly
If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you, I'd be walking in a garden forever.
i just miss you
Silent tears also speak the words of truth
which the heart can't express
and the soul can't bear
By Chrixten.lloyd@yahoo.in
It Humbles Me When "You" Call My Name ......It Breaks Me Down When "You" "Leave Me & Gone"... -AJ Smile [Affi]-
loving u is like am in heaven
The first person who is on your mind
the moment you open your eyes after a long sleep
is the reason either of your HAPPINESS or PAIN...
Love love, and only then will you finally understand and life changes forever.
How do I know I love you? When we touch, wether im laying on your chest or you're hugging me or we're being intimate, I feel this warm soothing feeling wrap around my heart, dance down my spine and grab my soul. Its such a beautiful feeling. A moment that can be frozen in time. Im certain its love. Because it feels good. And thats what love is, a good feeling. - Keyonna Brown

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