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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote Happiness Quotes - Part 5

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" There is no such thing as pure happiness, because there's always something more you'd want. But i do believe in satisfaction, thats the closest thing possible. "
When I said you were my everything and my all, I really meant it. Baby, don't ever leave me, without you, I would have nothing.
Love,it's never just about one person.
IF I Had a Choice Between Going To Heaven or Loving Her , I would Choose my Heaven On Earth
there are those kind of girls, the ones with their Prince Charming-s and their Knight-s in Shining Armor...but, i'm prefectly happy with my Frog Prince; my "loser-in-tin-foil" because all Fairy Tales come to an END.
only one word can describe when i want to be with u: day>> monday, tuesday, everyday!
love means never having to say you're sorry
"ugly, dirty and not a nice looking girlofr the others but for his man's eyes, she's the most beautiful girl he could ever ask"
how could i ever wanna lose your love?
why would i ever wanna lose your trust?
cause there aint nuthin in these streets 4 me
Money Cant Buy Love, Because My Love For You Is Priceless!!
Loving you is like breathing; how can I stop without dying?
true lovers are never apart maybe in distance but not in heart
The one I love is more precious than gold for she the one in my heart and soul
by Jasmine Embry for Jacky Garcia
if you love someone let them go, if they come back they were yours and if they don't they never were.
where there is love,thereis a way.where is two heart there i love.
to my dear Chad....maybe it's crazy,but i'd rather lose my mind than 2 lose u.life means nothing with out u to love me.i am willing 2 fight at all cost.ILOVE U & i can't deny this peculiar feeling, 2 spend my life with u is my paramount objective.moments that are unsual,memories unforgetble,my feelings so anpredictable,i can't believe all these exist with in me.If i am to be asked if i still long 4 something?all i can say is I can't ask 4 nothing..Loving u is everything...Losing u is dying....honeyjane_1321@yahoo.com
when i look into the key bored i see u and i always beside each other!
Dont change your self......Change Boyfriends....Teresa Watts
never take sum1 4 granted...hold evry person close 2 ur heart...bcaus u mite ,just, wake up 1 day n realize dat u have lost a diamond wile u wer 2 busy colectin stones............

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