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Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 1

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Dont Make Someone Yuur Everything Becuase When That Someone Leave Yuul Have Nothinggggg (U) x
"I only miss U on days that begin with T:Tuesday,Thursday,Thaturday and Thunday too ..Every Thingle day!" Cutie
all i want you to do is hold me close and promise to never let me go
I'm finding a key, a key to unlock you from my heart.
it's funny how someone can break u're heart and U can still love him wiht all the little piceases
--I love you and you'll [Never, Ever] know,,
--If I had my way I'd never get over you...
your the one for me oh i just wish u wud see
I'm not pushing away, I'm holding on for dear life, but I need you to need me back..
I believe everything happens for a reason
its easy to say I love u when its not really there, its easy to prove your in love because your hands are never bare,

If I could have one dance with you, I would play a song that lasts forever
when i look into the key bored i see u and i always beside each other!
"By telling someone you love them you're giving them the easiest weapon to hurt you..."
i could be anywhere in the world but i choose to be with you because my life is better with you by my side
love is just another feeling
If people crush your dreams you just dont have them!

By joanna douglas age 12
her smile catches my attention and I became a believer in love at first site.
don't let him be your everything because when he's gone he's your nothing :(
orn between two, who would you choose, the one that you love, or the one that loves you ?

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